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Alaskans love their state and want to make sure it is protected. Alaska Business covers the environmental service providers that help builders and developers plan and execute projects responsibly. We also report on recycling efforts on a community and corporate scale.

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Re: Recycling

Greasy pizza boxes are now being accepted in all Anchorage cardboard recycling, as new data shows that grease and small amounts of cheese in pizza boxes have no effect on the recyclability of the boxes. 

“With this small change we hope we can prevent further confusion and prevent valuable material that can be recycled from going into the landfill,” says Solid Waste Services Recycling Coordinator Suzanna Caldwell.

Industry Accolades

Trihydro has again been ranked among the Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top Environmental Firms. ENR Ranks the top 200 environmental firms nationally based on gross revenue associated with environmental services.

This year marks Trihydro’s 15th consecutive appearance on the list; debuting at 171 in 2006, Trihydro ranked 113 in 2020.

Alaska Business Coverage

Sam Friedman | Alaska Business

We provide year-round coverage in our print and digital magazine (check out What About the Water, published in November 2019) of environmental firms and activities in Alaska, as well as recycling projects and services (Marginal Metal, from August 2019, talks about steel recycling in Alaska).


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