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Writers’ Guidelines

Alaska Business is written, edited, and published for Alaskans and other U.S. and international audiences interested in the business affairs of the 49th state. Its goal is to provide a thorough and objective analysis of the issues and trends affecting Alaska’s businesses, and to feature stories on the individuals, organizations, and companies that shape the Alaska economy. Alaska Business emphasizes the importance of all enterprise and stresses a statewide approach to business coverage.

Alaska Business publishes informative articles on everything from entrepreneurs to heavy industry. Our content resonates with all things Alaska Business, including Alaska Native Corporations; Architecture & Engineering; Banking & Finance; Construction; Education & Nonprofits; Energy & Utilities; Environmental Services; Fisheries; Forestry & Agriculture; Health & Medicine; Insurance; Military; Mining; Oil & Gas; Real Estate; Science; Small Business; Telecommunications & Technology; Travel & Tourism; Transportation & Shippers; and World Trade Center Alaska’s international endeavors. We have special sections each month emphasizing a certain segment of the economy. In January and July each year we publish an economic outlook for Alaska.

As our magazine is on most in-state airlines, the Alaska Railroad, and in many major hotels, our reach extends beyond the businessperson to include visitors to our state and the general public. Though publication is at minimum 13,000 issues most months, we have a total potential worldwide readership of approximately 100,000 individuals per month.


Approximately 80 percent of the features appearing in Alaska Business are written by freelancers. All queries should be directed to the managing editor and should be for calendar items four to six months out. We also welcome queries from individuals who would like to write columns in their fields of expertise. Anyone interested in writing for Alaska Business should submit three clips or sample articles that have been published, not counting blogging or self publishing.

Articles are ideally assigned at least two months in advance of due date. Each year we publish an editorial calendar listing about half of each issue’s topics. A copy of the editorial calendar is available on the website.

We purchase all rights to articles so we have the option of making reprints of articles, republish them in special ABM editions (such as an anniversary edition), or use them on our website. We generally do not provide additional payment for such uses. Even though we purchase all rights, we typically do not deny requests for authors to have the piece republished elsewhere, provided it appears in ABM first.

We prefer electronic queries and submissions transmitted. When submitting by email, send the article as an attachment (Microsoft Word doc or rtf format only), and also place a copy of the text in the email itself.

Alaska Business Magazine September 2019

In This Issue

Out of the Mine and into the Smelter

September 2019

Mining has long been a key fixture of Alaska’s economy. On a small scale, people flock to the 49th state to tour different operations. Kennecott Mine was once a booming copper mining site and is now a National Historic Landmark, attracting tourists eager to visit the ghost town and get a feel of the Gold Rush era it once dominated.