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Full-service: sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, training, and placement

ASRC Talent Solutions is a full-service recruiting and placement team. We provide recruiting, staffing, training, safety solutions, and executive search. Our unified experience supports the entire recruiting process. We are also supported by office staff answering employees and client requests 24/7. We service North America.

Contact Details

ASRC Talent Solutions

3900 C Street, Suite 701, Anchorage, AK 99503


Jeremy Parker, General Manager


  • Recruiting and Staffing
    • Full-service: sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, and placement for all projects.
  • Training
    • Course scheduling, tracking, and planning for up to 2,400 trainees including over 1,100 courses.
  • Safety
    • Providing safety services for over 20 years.
  • Executive Search
    • Providing a network of C-Suite candidates to match your company’s goals and culture.