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Scouting, Recruiting, Retaining & Engaging People at Work

The Art of People. The Science of Management.

“So much more than head hunters!”

At PeopleAK, we’re not just a recruitment company; we’re a strengths-focused organization dedicated to maximizing the potential of your workforce throughout the employee life cycle. We believe in the unique talents each employee brings to your organization and are passionate about identifying and harnessing these strengths to attract top talent, nurture individuals, and drive success.

With customized solutions and data-driven strategies, we’re here to elevate your workforce beyond traditional recruitment, helping you build a dynamic, high-performing team that’s set for a prosperous future.

Contact Details

1600 A Street, Suite 105
Anchorage, AK 99501
Our Services
Our business is focused on the strengths of our client to support the entire employee life cycle. From Scouting, Recruitment, Coaching and Strategic HR services, we’ve got your back.

Talent Scouting


Executive Recruitment

Contingent Staffing
Employee Engagement & Training
Gallup Strengths Assessment
Team Mappings
Desk Audits
Work Flow Assessment
Interim Staff Augmentation
Board Development
Workforce Solutions
To augment your already awesome team or advance your engagement processes, let us help!
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