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Construction, Oil & Gas, Telecom & Tech, Transportation


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♦ November Special Section ♦



Operating & Permitting Mines Overview
Alaska has six major operating mines and several in the planning and permitting stages. Alaska Business provides an overview of their activities and plans in the near future.

GIS, Mapping & Tech
Guest Author Hillary Palmer is a project manager for Dewberry and specializes in geospatial, mapping, and survey services. In this article, she explores how natural resource development starts with data.

Minerals Security Partnership
The US Department of State announced that the US has partnered with other countries to form the Minerals Security Partnership, which has the goal of bolstering critical mineral supply chains. We learn from local industry leaders what this may mean for mineral development in Alaska.

A Future in Mining
Guest Author Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO of Contango Ore, explains how mining is essential for both a green future and to increase national security.

Alaska Timber Products
Alaska’s timber industry produces high quality woods put to a variety of interesting uses: urns, sound boards, and even coffins. This article explores what Alaska timber turns into.

Hydroelectric Sources & Projects
Alaska has abundant opportunities to explore hydro projects. This article will look at projects, expansions, and test sites that take advantage of the state’s abundant waters.

Fisheries: Waste Not
Fish are a highly valuable resource, but not all parts of the fish are valued equally. Processing often creates unwanted wasted parts and pieces. We check in with innovative Alaskans looking to maximize the value of every fish.

Construction: Dowling & New Seward
We look at the purpose and scope of work for the Dowling & New Seward intersection.

Oil & Gas: TAPS 45th Anniversary
This year the Trans Alaska Pipeline System is celebrating 45 years of operations; we look at the history and future of this iconic, world-class piece of oil and gas infrastructure.

Telecom & Tech: AI, AR & VR
More than 60 percent of companies are investing in AI in some form or another, according to Dell Technologies. How are AI, VR, and AR being utilized by organizations in Alaska? What companies in the state are using these technological innovations to streamline their internal activities, enhance their overall processes, and boost their bottom line?

Transportation: Ambler Access Project & West Susitna Access Roads
Two proposed roads would provide access to resource development, but both have challenges and some opposition. Alaska Business covers the projects, their goals, and what the future may hold for them.

Arts & Media: Broadcasting Outside Anchorage
While there are a plethora of media and entertainment sources today, broadcasting remains a vital part of the media landscape. How are local broadcasters faring in this ever-developing industry?

Retail: Three Bears Is Growing
Three Bears is expanding with a recently opened store in Sterling and many more in the works. We look at Three Bears’ growth throughout Alaska.

♦ December Special Section ♦



Animal Therapy
Study after study has shown the effectiveness of animal therapy to improve patients’ mental wellbeing; Alaska Business covers the options for animal therapy in the 49th state and how it’s helping Alaskans see a brighter future.

Medical Waste
Every medical facility produces medical waste: where does it go? We look the who, what, where, why, and how of medical waste logistics.

Pain Management: New Options
For many Alaskans, chronic pain is a fact of life. With a national focus on reducing opioid use, what other options have emerged to help patients manage pain?

Transgender Medical Resources
Alaska Business searches out what medical resources are available for individuals choosing to transition, ranging from counseling to surgical procedures.

Assisted Living
“Assisted living” covers a range of solutions to help those who need a little help from day to day. We feature several assisted living organizations and get insight on what services they provide and to whom.

Alaska Native: Alaska Native Heritage Center
The Alaska Native Heritage Center has been forming new partnerships and adding community engagements; we catch up with developments at the renowned museum and cultural center.

Mining: Innovations
Mining projects are necessary for a secure and green future; we explore how innovations that lower carbon footprints, improve processes, increase safety, and boost efficiency are benefiting this critical industry.

Telecom & Tech: Capitalizing on 5G Networks
The availability of 5G is increasing speed, reducing latency, and improving flexibility in wireless services. How are different industries leveraging 5G technology in Alaska?

Tourism: The New Alyeska Experience
Alyeska Resort in Girdwood is adding to its incomparable experience with the Nordic Spa, a new restaurant, and other onsite features.

Nonprofits: The Perks of Partnering
Partnering with a nonprofit or charitable organization can be a win/win for everyone: it can promote your business endeavors while raising funds for local causes. We explore a few business/nonprofit partnerships that paid out across the board.

Small Business: Alaska Ocean Cluster
Alaska Ocean Cluster partners with startup organizations to safeguard Alaska’s Oceans. We take a look at the partners and the projects that think ocean-first.

Media & Arts: Who’s On YouTube?
Who’s representing Alaska on YouTube? What are the subjects they cover, and what’s their level of success introducing Alaskans to a national or international audience?

Manufacturing: Profile on PacBak
For more than five years Brian McKinnon collaboratively created PacBak, a cooler with a built-in vacuum sealer and filet table. This summer PacBak won Best in Category at the ICAST convention, the world’s largest fishing product trade show. We connect with McKinnon to learn more about his challenges and his success.

Fisheries: Alaska Has the Best Fish
Several entities in Alaska market our fresh seafood to the Lower 48, promoting the sustainability and quality of products pulled from Alaska’s waters. We learn more about selling seafood.

Vertical shot of the wing of an airplane over the snowy mountains
Editorial Focus

Southcentral Alaska
Alaska Native Corporations, Mining, Telecom & Tech, Tourism


Space: October 20, 2022

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September 2022
In addition to twelve regional corporations, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) allocated lands and funds to more than 200 village corporations. As with their regional counterparts, the village corporations are mandated to make a profit and use it to benefit their shareholders and villages. It’s no surprise that, among hundreds of corporations, no two have chosen the exact same path to meet that mandate. Below are highlights and updates for a handful of the village and urban corporations.