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♦ March Special Section ♦



ANC North Terminal Construction
To facilitate the launch of Northern Pacific Airways, which has big plans to connect Alaskans to Asia, the North Terminal at the Ted Stevens International Airport needed some updates. Alaska Business covers the scope of work to revitalize the terminal.

Arctic Housing: Materials and Maintenance
It’s no secret that cold climates require specialized buildings. We take a look at what materials and techniques are helping build functional, low-maintenance homes in Arctic communities.

Parking Mandates
Anchorage has a parking problem according to a recent report on how the city welcomes guests. Surprising to some, there’s too much parking in Downtown Anchorage. We explore Anchorage’s parking question: how much parking does any given building needs, who makes the decision, and how much say should the Municipality have?

CTP & TAP: Part 1
In November the Alaska DOT&PF finalized scoring criteria and opened the CTP and TAP programs, both of which are competitive surface transportation programs that preserve, upgrade, or create new roads, bridges, and trails outside of Anchorage and Fairbanks. In Part 1 of this construction series, we look at the new criteria, the purpose and history of the programs, and successful past projects. In Part 2 (published in July 2023), we will look at winning projects from both programs.

Specialty Contractors: What’s your Niche?
Alaska Business connects with specialty contractors to find out: what’s your niche, and how did you find it?

Construction Roundup
We provide a high-level view of recent public and private construction projects in the state.

Healthcare: Mental Health and Wellness in Arctic Workplaces
Ensuring the mental and emotional wellness of employees can be challenging in any work environment; what are the best practices for businesses in Arctic communities, which can feel even more isolated and lacking in resources than their southern, more urban counterparts, to make sure employees are feeling their best?

Fisheries: Bycatch: The Problem and Solutions
Many of the most efficient methods of commercial fishing produce bycatch, which is when an untargeted marine species gets caught up in a fisher’s nets. Alaska Business looks at the extent of bycatch in Alaska, how it affects the state’s fisheries, and potential solutions.

Mining: Graphite One Update
Graphite One is a proposed owner-operated, truck and shovel operation on the Seward Peninsula that would potentially produce 60,000 tonnes of graphite concentrate per year. We provide and update on the project and global trends driving graphite demand.

Small Business: Innovators Hall of Fame 2023
UAF’s Innovators Hall of Fame celebrates and honors outstanding individuals and inventions working in the state. We share with our readers the people and things being inducted in 2023.

Education: Alaska Native Business Management Program
The Alaska Native Business Management Program is a unique opportunity for leadership development for anyone looking at a career at an Alaska Native corporation. Learn more about the program from its organizer, teachers, and student alumni.

Energy: An Arctic Energy Perspective
The discovery of Prudhoe Bay has tied energy production and the Arctic in Alaska for more than half a century. With climate change and shifting international priorities regarding energy, we explore an Alaska Arctic perspective on powering the future.

♦ April Special Section ♦



The Corporate 100 List
The Corporate 100 comprises businesses with operations in Alaska ranked by their number of Alaska employees.

Government as an Employer
Government entities do not qualify for the Corporate 100, but they are some of Alaska’s largest employers. JBER alone employs more than 9,000 people, and in some communities government-based positions are a huge part of the local economy. We look at some of Alaska’s non-corporate employers.

International Hire
Many industries are looking for qualified employees, and sometimes there aren’t enough workers to fill open positions. International workers are often eager to take these positions: the bigger question is if they can obtain the appropriate documents and permission to do so. We explore how international hires are (or aren’t) working in Alaska.

Employee Burnout
The workforce shortage can cause what employees a company does have to feel overwhelmed and burned out. What can a business do to help the employees it does have to be productive and satisfied at work? We explore ways a business can take care of its employees even when work is plentiful and workers may be few.

Work Opportunities for Every Alaskan
Government agencies, nonprofits, and local businesses have been partnering for years to make sure that all Alaskans have an opportunity to work, including those with a variety of disabilities or specific workplace needs. Alaska Business researches what’s going well and what needs to improve to provide the right opportunity for everyone who wants a job.

Education: Alaska Native Business Management
Alaska Native Business Management courses help students learn to navigate effectively within the Alaska Native corporate world. We look at how this uniquely Alaskan education certificate is helping build a better workforce for local businesses.

Tourism: Tour Group Dining in Denali
Learn more about modern tour group dining in Denali, as options at one of Alaska’s most popular tourist destinations have become more varied and sophisticated over time.

Oil & Gas: Investing in Pikka
Repsol and Santos have decided to invest approximately $2.1 billion in developing Phase I of the Pikka project. We look at Pikka’s history and the next steps to first oil.

Professional Services: Recruiting in Today’s Market
Attracting and retaining good employees has always been a challenge for companies. But with the current labor shortage, the problem is even more pronounced. Companies nationwide are using aggressive strategies to entice high-quality talent, including offering sign-on bonuses, more pay and benefits, and greater flexibility with where, when and how employees work. Some companies using artificial intelligence for applicant screening and other innovative tactics to enhance their recruiting efforts. What strategies are Alaska businesses employing to find suitable talent with the dearth of available workers?

Environmental: Mobile Plastic Processors
Plastic has changed the world, for better and worse. One of the downsides of the cheap yet durable material is how it’s cluttering up our landscapes and waterways. One solution: take all that unwanted trash and turn it into a practical building material. Alaska Business learns more about mobile plastic processors and their potential to help clean up and build the state.

Professional Services: Alaska Survival Training
All jobs present risk, and many in Alaska have their fair share. Employers have a variety of tools to help prepare their employees, increasing the odds of positive outcomes. Learn what resources are available to help build a safe, effective Alaska workforce.

Small Business: Photo Essay
Local writer and photographer Katie Basile documents Stan Corp, Bethel’s resident barber, in this photo essay.

Finance: Ongoing COVID Relief Funds
Tax credits and other pandemic relief options remain for qualifying companies; at the same time, the IRS warns that some businesses are being persuaded to claim benefits that don’t apply to them. We talk with tax experts about legal, responsible ongoing relief options.

Fisheries: AFDF Startup Accelerator
The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation Startup Accelerator supports founders dedicated to improving the profitability, sustainability, and resiliency of the Alaska and global ocean sector. We learn more about the nonprofit and the ideas it’s helping take to the seas.

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Alaska Business January 2023 cover
In This Issue
Junior Achievement of Alaska Celebrates 50 Years
2023 is particularly special for Junior Achievement (JA) of Alaska as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Fifty years ago in 1973, C. H. Rosenthal, Joseph P. Wiley, Dave Stein, and Les Pace established an organization to teach financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship to Alaska’s youth, helping them acquire the skills they needed to succeed in a changing economy.