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Alaskan Oil Pipeline from Above
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Small Business (SB)
Finance, Alaska Native, Oil & Gas, Construction


Space: May 22, 2023

Art: May 30, 2023

Editorial Content: May 10, 2023

♦ July Special Section ♦

Best of Alaska Business


Best of Alaska Business Winners
The Best of Alaska Business awards recognize Alaska’s best businesses in various categories, as determined by our readers in an online survey.

The Value of Engaging with the Alaska Business Community
Guest Author Kati Capozzi, president and CEO of the Alaska Chamber, shares her expertise on the value every business, small or large, can find through active engagement in the Alaska business community.

(SB) Coffee Kiosks
Coffee kiosks are ubiquitous in Alaska, but they’re also unique to Alaska. Alaska Business gets the inside scoop from several kiosk owners on what goes into operating these businesses with small floor plans and innumerable customers.

(SB) How Coworking Spaces Work for Small Businesses and Startups
Starting a small business is expensive; for many entrepreneurs, the answer is finding ways to manage costs while promoting growth. One option is to look at the business’ location; even for those businesses that require an office space, a traditional lease may not be the right option. We look at coworking space options and how they might just serve the needs of many up and coming businesses.

(SB) Finance: Securing Business Startup Financing Post-Covid
While COVID-19 forced many companies to close, new businesses are still being launched throughout the country. What financing options are Alaska banks offering to help budding business owners launch their enterprise, and what considerations or advice should loan applicants keep in mind when pursuing financing to launch their business today?

Finance: Global Credit Union’s Global Growth
Alaska USA acquired Global Credit Union in 2022, which makes it one of the 15th largest credit unions in the country. Symbolizing its growth, the financial institution has changed its name to that of its acquired company. In this article, we look at where Alaska USA has been, its growth and transition, and where Global Credit Union is headed.

Alaska Native: Jeanie Gusty: Cultural Connections
Calista owns Alaska’s oldest heavy equipment dealer—Yukon Equipment, Inc.—and behind the company’s recent expansion in rural sales is Jeanie Gusty, a Yup’ik-speaking Calista Shareholder who grew up in tiny Stony River. We learn more about her approach to finding success in her role.

Oil & Gas: ASRC Energy Services
ASRC Energy Services has been partnering with Alaska’s industries for more than fifty years. Over several decades of work, the company has been an innovative leader in its field, including a current agreement with Santos to lead technology development for carbon solutions.

Construction: Traffic Control & Safety
Construction zones can pose hazards to workers and drivers alike. Effective traffic control, signage, and other markings can be the difference between a job safely done and someone getting hurt. We connect with several companies providing these services to learn more about traffic control and safety at construction projects.

Tourism: Attracting International Travelers
Alaska is a stunning destination, but it competes with other naturally beautiful travel opportunities across the globe. In this article we look at ways that local businesses are finding unique ways to attract international visitors.

Media & Arts: Anchorage’s Arts Upheaval
Anchorage is experiencing an arts upheaval: UAA has dissolved its Theater and Dance Department, which leaves the Anchorage Arts Alliance wondering where new technicians and artists may come from, if they aren’t trained locally. The Anchorage Concert Association is looking to form a city arts agency or council and is also contemplating how to approach competition for ticket sales from the PAC’s Broadway productions. We look at what’s happening today and what it may mean for the future of local performing arts.

(SB) Small Business: Not Aging Out: Over 65 Business Owners Still at the Helm
Many entrepreneurs get in and out of various enterprises, but other business owners find their space in the business community and stay the course. In this article, we connect with business owners who, after six-plus decades of work, are still choosing to actively lead their business operations.

(SB) Retail: Wine Shops
In addition to providing a variety of wines to Alaskans looking to imbibe, many wine retailers in the state host wine clubs or tastings or provide other wine-related services. We look at in the range of ways local wine retailers can connect their customers with the right vintage.

Professional Services: Guiding Your Career
Guest Author Brian Walch shares his expertise on how anyone can build the sustainable career that they want.

(SB) Agriculture: Tours & Events On the Farm
Many of Alaska’s exceptional farms do more than produce produce; they also operate as venues, hosting tours, tastings or other events. We explore options to get to know local farms up-close.

♦ August Special Section ♦



Meetings & Conventions: Vendors That Make Your Event Special
Whatever event your company may be planning, choosing the right vendors can change it from something to suffer through to an event to gush about on social media. We highlight local Alaska vendors that can help make your event stand out.

Meetings & Conventions: Journalism Conference in Fairbanks
Freelance writer and journalist Vanessa Orr shares her experience traveling to Fairbanks for the annual conference of the North American Travel Journalists Association.

Meetings & Conventions: How to Plan an Agenda & Schedule Speakers
Wanting to have a conference and knowing how to plan a conference are two different things. We provide tips and tricks from local event-planning experts on efficiently planning an agenda and scheduling speakers.

Meetings & Conventions: Sustainable Swag
Swag is ubiquitous at every conference, but not all swag is created equal. In this article, we explore how companies can focus on sustainability while sourcing the swag that will entice any conference-goer to visit your table.

Legal: Legal Elite Directory
The Legal Elite represents less than 8% of barred attorneys licensed in Alaska. They are Alaska’s premier practicing lawyers, as nominated by their peers.

Legal: Q&A with the Alaska Bar Association
The Alaska Bar Association answers our questions about Alaska’s legal industry and attorneys.

Legal: Alaska Law by the Numbers
Guest Author Lincoln Garrick provides an overview of the legal industry in Alaska: opportunities, challenges, and new developments.

Legal: The Corporate Transparency Act
Guest Author Ben Spiess shares his expertise on the Corporate Transparency Act and how it sets new reporting requirements for Alaska businesses.

Oil & Gas: Sharing Oil Infrastructure
There’s a lot of infrastructure on the North Slope, most of which is purpose-built by a single company and used only for its activities. However, there are some pieces of infrastructure that multiple parties use, notably TAPS, which is a common carrier pipeline. This article explores examples of infrastructure that are shared by policy, shared by purchase, or under debate.

Healthcare: Pharmaceutical Medication Management
Pharmacies are an essential component of the healthcare system. In addition to dispensing medications that save lives and improve the quality of life for Alaskans, they are critical gatekeepers in ensuring that those medications do more good than harm. We get to know Alaska’s pharmacies and how they go about their important work.

Transportation: Hydrogen-Electric Propulsion in Aviation
Alaskan aviators are working toward reducing carbon emissions through several methods, one of which is utilizing hydrogen-electric propulsion aircraft. In this article, Alaska Business explores how the aviation industry is flying to a greener future.

Telecom & Tech: Security & Legal Liability in the Cloud
While businesses continue to rapidly adopt the cloud, many are failing to put appropriate security measures in place. Who is primarily legally responsible for cloud security—the business, its third-party cloud services provider, or both entities, and what other important aspects of cloud security should businesses consider?

Alaska Native: Annual Shareholder Meetings
ANCSA corporations are obligated to communicate with their shareholders, and one part of that communication is conducting shareholder meetings. We will interview several ANCSA corporations to learn how they approach shareholder meetings and get their insight on how to stay connected.

Alaska Railroad
Editorial Focus

Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Transportation, Telecom & Tech


Space: June 20, 2023

Art: June 27, 2023

Editorial Content: June 12, 2023

Alaska Business June 2023 cover
In This Issue
100 Years of Passengers, Freight, and Real Estate
June 2023

This year the Alaska Railroad is celebrating 100 years of transportation people and cargo around Alaska. While the railroad is one of the states oldest transporters, it certainly isn’t the only one, and in this issue of Alaska Business we also check in on the Marine Highway, Span Alaska, and the White Pass & Yukon Route. For those interested in Southeast, our focus on that region provides updates on Kensington Mine, Tongass FCU, the troll fishery, and Juneau’s growing landfill.