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♦ December Special Section ♦


How Is Healthcare Demographic Data Gathered and Reported?
Healthcare data can be an essential tool in helping build healthcare response and resources. How is this data collected, what steps are taken to ensure the privacy of individuals represented by the data, and how can it be accessed?

Health Tie: Connecting Healthcare Entrepreneurs to Outside Resources
Guest Author Jacqueline Summers introduces the mission of Health TIE, a bridge between health and human service organizations and innovative entrepreneurial partners.

Alaskans Nourishing Alaskans
Guest Author Zoi Maroudas shares her insights on food security and how producing food in Alaska for Alaskans provides economic, health, environment, and other community benefits.

Medicare Information Office Ambassador Program
The Medicare Information Office has launched the Ambassador Program; organizations participating in the program (those that have regular interactions with Medicare beneficiaries) provide resources about their Medicare benefits and provide contact information for patients who have additional questions. We look at the program and connect with participating organizations to learn how it leads to better healthcare outcomes.

Foundation Health Partners Profile
Foundation Health Partners operates the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Tanana Valley Clinic, and Denali Center, providing a range of healthcare resources for residents of Fairbanks and surrounding Interior communities. We learn more about Foundation Health Partners’ goals, priorities, and projects.

Construction: Utqiaġvik Infrastructure
Climate changes have been affecting Utqiaġvik, including eroding shores and melting ice cellars. Funding has been secured to repair a seawall to protect the coastal community as well as address preserving the cellars, critical for storing locally harvested foods. This article looks at the scopes of work, timelines, and other details for both projects.

Telecom & Tech: Using Technology to Support a More Distributed Workforce
While many organizations operate within a traditional work setting, some recognize the value of employing a largely distributed workforce that operates remotely over a wide geographic area and offers a variety of benefits. What are the impacts of supporting a distributed and hybrid workforce?

Mining: The Nikolai Project
Alaska Energy Metals is working on The Nikolai Project, northwest of Paxson, a nickel mining operation that was first explored in 1995. The company hopes to uncover a strong supply of domestic nickel deposits to support America’s energy future.

Real Estate: Begich’s Downtown Projects
A four-block frontage along Fourth Avenue in Downtown Anchorage bursts with potential urban vitality. Mark Begich, the former mayor and US senator, gives a tour of the hotel, restaurant, distillery, shopping “alley,” and residential apartments that his Northern Compass Group is building inside the old Post Office Mall and Holiday Inn.

Fisheries: Revitalizing Salmon Returns in the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers
The Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, formed in 2014 in response to low king salmon returns, has been revitalized this year, which also saw the formation of the Alaska Salmon Research Task Force, focused on rebuilding low salmon returns to the Interior. Alaska Business explores what’s being done to ensure salmon can find their way upstream.

Nonprofits: Programs Rasmuson Funded in 2023
Since 1955 the Rasmuson Foundation has distributed $515 million to benefit Alaskans. In 2022 alone, the organization made $35 million in grants and investments in 57 Alaska communities. We learn more about projects and initiatives supported by the Rasmuson Foundation in 2022 and 2023.

Transportation: Transporting Supplies and General Goods to Rural Alaska Communities
Transporting supplies and general goods to Alaska communities can be complicated, weather delayed, and seasonal. This article looks at the logistics and challenges of getting things from vehicles and appliances to groceries and dry goods to the far corners of the state.

Tourism: Santa Claus House
Santa Claus House in North Pole has been a holiday tradition for more than seventy years; it’s a tourist destination that also delivers smiles to children around the world via the mail. We learn more about this institution’s history.

Alaskan Oil Pipeline from Above
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Editorial Content: October 10, 2023

Alaskan Oil Pipeline from Above
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Industrial Support Services| Junior Achievement
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♦January Special Section ♦

Junior Achievement of Alaska


Building Foundations for Alaska CareersGuest Author Junior Achievement of Alaska President Flora Teo shares how the organization builds a foundation of financial and business knowledge to help young Alaskans get a head start on entrepreneurship and satisfying careers.

Youth Guest Author
A youth Junior Achievement of Alaska participant shares their view on how the program prepares them for the future.

Educator/Volunteer of the Year
We learn more about the Junior Achievement of Alaska Educator of the Year and Volunteer of the Year.

Alaska Business Hall of Fame Laureate Profiles
Get to know the 2024 Alaska Business Hall of Fame Laureates: Sheri Buretta, Chugach Alaska Corporation; David Karp, Saltchuk & Naniq Global Logistics; Mark Pfeffer, Pfeffer Development & CONRAC Solutions; and Denali Award Recipient Jennifer Schrage, Signature Land Services.

Industrial Support Services


Online Plans Rooms
One way that contractors can find work is through online plan rooms that compile projects looking for bids. What plan rooms are operating in Alaska and what services do they provide?

Outsourcing HR & Payroll
Even large companies may choose to outsource HR and payroll. What do these third-party providers do, and why is it more efficient than in-house HR?

Field Work Experts
Field word expertise is applicable across many industries, from oil and gas to research activities. We look at what field services Alaska companies provide and how they cater those services to meet varied goals.

Janitorial Services
Cleaning needs for various businesses can vary wildly, but most need one type of cleaning service or another. Learn more about some of the janitorial and commercial cleaning service providers in Alaska.

Alaska Native: Sanitation Infrastructure
The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has received a $440 million grant from the Indian Health Service to build up sanitation infrastructure in some of Alaska’s remote communities. This article explores critical needs for this project, as well as the scope of work.

Finance: Renewed Focus on Branch Locations and Services
The digital revolution has made banking a lot less personal, and the pandemic demonstrated that without face-to-face interaction banks struggle to maintain close, loyal relationships with customers—especially on the commercial side. Today banks are renewing their focus on branches in an effort to strengthen and build new customer relationships, reinvesting in their branch networks and experimenting with new branch concepts such as video tellers, self-service kiosks, pop-up branches, and mobile branches.

Healthcare: Certificate of Need
Alaska’s Certificate of Need program is a review process intended to promote responsive health facility and service development, rational health planning, healthcare quality, access to healthcare, and healthcare cost containment. Alaska Business learns more about this program and its impact on the healthcare industry.

Education: The Alaska Center for UAS Integration
The Alaska Center for UAS Integration over the years has expanded its scope, equipment, and variety and complexity of research projects it executes. We connect with the center for a sky-high view of what it’s working on and why the work is important.

♦ February Special Section ♦

Special Section: Architecture & Engineering

Building Inspections
Building inspections can be a forgotten necessity until the unthinkable happens, as it did last year as several buildings had structural failures following record snowfalls. Alaska Business connects with local engineers to provide their insight on the who, why, how, and when of building inspections.

Stroads and Street Planning
The word “stroad” was coined by traffic engineers about a decade ago to describe a common feature of North American cities: a facility that combines the worst traits of a cross-town road and a neighborhood street. Learn more about what makes a stroad and what local planning can do to improve the functionality and safety of Alaska’s transportation infrastructure.

Architecture as Storytelling
Some buildings have utilitarian purposes, reflected in their design. Others may have significance to the architect or project owner, which can result in structures that not only function but tell a story. We share a few of those stories, as told by local Architects.

Culturally Responsive Design
Good design enhances the function of a building, and the best design ensures that those utilizing a building can accomplish their goals within it safely and comfortably. When designing a facility for a specific community, cultural elements of that community are essential. Local experts highlight examples of successful, culturally responsive design.

Engineer of the Year
Meet the 2024 nominees for Engineer of the Year, part of Alaska E-Week.

Engineering Excellence
Learn more about the 2024 nominees for Engineering Excellence, an award for Alaska projects that demonstrate the heights of excellence in engineering.

Fisheries: Workforce Development
Like many others, the fishing industry has been experiencing a shortage of qualified workers. Many processors, producers, and nonprofits are stepping in to ensure that potential workers get the training and opportunities that are available.

Transportation: Lynden & TNHA Bring Housing to Point Lay
Lynden & Taġiuġmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority have partnered to address housing needs in Point Lay and other North Slope communities. This article explores what the partnership has already accomplished and what’s still in store.

Construction: USACE-Alaska District Construction Project Overview
The US Army Corps of Engineers-Alaska District provides an update of its recently completed, ongoing, and soon-to-start construction projects, including information on the projects’ purpose, scope of work, timeline, and contractors.

Oil & Gas: CINGSA
Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska (CINGSA) has been storing natural gas for more than a decade to even out the supply to Southcentral, storing what’s produced and releasing what’s needed. The organization is reaching its storage capacity and is looking to expand, even as it continues to improve its operations and services.

Healthcare: Tech Solutions
Many healthcare needs require hands-on care, but some services can be provided by new and developing technology. Alaska Business explores some of the technological solutions at work within the state that are helping people meet their health needs in a timely, affordable way.

Economy: Impact on Homelessness on Anchorage Businesses
Alaska’s growing homeless population combined with a lack of resources for those experiencing homelessness combined in the summer of 2023 to create a scenario that affected many businesses in Midtown and Downtown Anchorage. Winter shelters are a short-term solution, but how is this long-term-and-still-growing reality affecting Anchorage’s businesses, and what are they doing about it?

Insurance: Selecting the Right Commercial Insurance Products

Small Business: 49th State Brewing Expands
49th State Brewing started with a brewery and restaurant in Healy and has since expanded into two Anchorage locations, including the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport; from all accounts, the local favorite isn’t stopping there.

ACDA Transit Hotel
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Architecture & Engineering
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