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♦ July Special Section ♦



Best of Alaska Business Award Winners
The special section will feature write-ups about the 100-plus winners in thirty-three categories, honorable mentions in many of the categories, and the Editor’s Pick Best Corporate Citizen winners.

Guest Author Kirk Rose, Anchorage Community Land Trust
Anchorage Community Land Trust has programs for small business start-ups; Rose will educate our readers about these programs and the impact of small businesses at the neighborhood level.

The Art of Running a Fine Art Gallery
This year we are debuting a new Best of Alaska Business category: Best Art Gallery. In this story, we will speak with local art gallery managers and owners about what it takes to make a profit off of art.

Who’s New
Who’s New will feature the winners of the Best Startup (New in 2021) category; we look at the background and potential of three of Alaska’s most loved young companies.

Small Business: The Economics of Pet Projects
There’s a lot of money to be made in pets: selling them, grooming them, providing them toys and food. We get to know a few “pet projects” around Alaska and how this business segment continues to grow.

Media & Arts: The Logistics of Musical Touring
Outside of organized fairs and music fests, the number of bands that tour Alaska are limited; this article explores the costs and logistics of musical touring in the Last Frontier.

Retail: Setting Up Shop in Southeast
Cruise traffic should be returning to Southeast Alaska in 2022; are local retail establishments that cater to tourists ready for the influx, and what lingering challenges do they have to meet the tourism season head on?

Finance: The Rising Rate Environment
The Federal Reserve and economic pundits have signaled that rates will rise several times this year; we ask the experts how Alaska-based companies can prepare for a rising rate environment.

Healthcare: Connecting Alaskans to Healthcare
We take a look at the adaptations and innovations that allow Alaskans in Southeast to manage their healthcare needs, considering the transportation and logistical challenges of living without a road system.

Telecom & Tech: Middle & Last Mile Broadband in Rural Alaska
There are many steps on the road to internet access for all. Launching a satellite or laying fiber is step one, but it takes additional work to make high speed internet available in rural Alaska households; we take a look at the middle and last mile of broadband in Alaska’s remote communities.

Nonprofits: The Importance of Arts Funding
The pandemic showed everyone the vital importance of connecting and community; nothing builds connections quite like the arts, which help build compassion and empathy. We explore the arts community and how it helps form us as Alaskans.

Agriculture: From Ocean to Table
Southeast’s thriving mariculture industry is hard at work to get healthy, frest, and tasty aquatic products served on Alaskans’ tables; we learn more about the family farms and local operations making it possible.

Transportation: Revisiting the Roadless Rule
The Roadless Rule has had a bumpy road, being implemented and revoked several times over the past few years and administrations. Alaska Business examines the rule’s history, its current status, and the effect on Southeast’s many industries.

Tourism: Swinging North
Alaska is hosting the first ever USGA Championship this summer in Anchorage. Learn about what went on behind the scenes to make it possible.

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Editorial Focus

Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom & Tech


Space: May 20, 2022

Art: May 27, 2022

Editorial Content: May 10, 2022

BOAB 2022
Editorial Focus

Alaska Native Corporations, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas


Space: June 20, 2022

Art: June 27, 2022

Editorial Content: June 13, 2022

♦ August Special Section ♦



Large-scale Design
Design services for business needs range from small to large scale: in this article, we look at the larger side of the scale, talking to artists, designers, and project owners about their loftier projects.

Custom Modular Buildings
Traditional building techniques will always have their place, but builders can also meet today’s infrastructure needs through modular buildings manufactured to suit a project. We get the details on how modular construction is evolving to meet an even more comprehensive range of conditions.

Staying Safe in High-Risk Jobs
Some jobs are inherently high-risk and yet unavoidable; what steps do employers take to ensure that employees in risky positions have the materials, information, and procedures they need to have a safe outcome for everyone?

Defying Industry Classification
Many companies defy classification, providing multiple services across regions and industries—Alaska Business checks in with several such companies about the unique operating spaces they’ve created for themselves.

Professional Services: Janus v AFSCME

In a 2017 US Supreme Court decision entitled Janus v AFSCME, the Court ruled that no public employee can be required to pay dues to a union representing the employee. A local legal expert explores the effects of the case and its benefit to the public.

Construction: Concrete Solutions
Concrete has a fascinating life cycle in Alaska. We examine where it comes from, how it is transported and used, and who performs the work.

Telecom & Tech: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Alaskans are now required to dial “907” even for local numbers in preparation for a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which will give mental health resources the same priority given to other emergency services associated with 911. Alaska Business explores this project and how it will help those in need.

Alaska Native: Environmental Subsidiaries
Many Alaska Native regional and village corporations have established or acquired subsidiaries that focus on the environment, providing services from data collection to consulting and project management. We talk with these subsidiaries about how their expertise helps Alaska businesses operate efficiently, cleanly, and safely.

Mining: Greens Creek Goes Green
Hecla has a goal to hit zero emissions at its Greens Creek Mine. Alaska Business explores the operator’s plan for such an ambitious goal.

Oil & Gas: 88 Energy’s Projects & Plans
We review 88 Energy’s strategy for oil exploration on the North Slope, its recent finds, and its upcoming plans.

Tourism: Iron Man in Juneau
For the first time, Alaska is hosting a full-distance IRONMAN triathlon. We connect with planners and participants to learn how the event can help rebuild economic activity in the Southeast.

Finance: Digital Banking Trends Enhance Customer Security
Employees can be the first and best defense against cyber threats when it comes to data security. But what about customers? What are banks and credit unions doing to help customers prepare and thwart cyber attacks? We find out.

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Colorless Green Ammonia Sleeps Furiously
May 2022
Hydrocarbons are a two-edged sword. One edge is hydrogen, storing energy like wound-up springs that is released when combusted with oxygen. The other edge is the carbon atoms the hydrogen is bonded to, which in the grip of oxygen become a climate-warming veil of carbon dioxide gas. Petroleum under the North Slope and methane under Cook Inlet have both potentials: productive energy from hydrogen and destructive pollution from carbon. In a decarbonizing global market, Alaska needs a way to separate the good from the bad.