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Alaska Business was established in 1984 and is Alaska’s premier business magazine and website. Our goal is to promote economic growth in the state by providing a thorough and objective discussion and analysis of the issues and trends affecting Alaska’s business sector. We feature stories about individuals, organizations, and companies that shape the Alaska economy.

In March of 2017, Alaska Business Monthly rebranded to become Alaska Business, marking our transition from being solely a monthly print magazine to a multimedia publisher. To further our rebranding efforts in October 2018 Alaska Business refreshed and updated our logo and print magazine design to reflect a cleaner and more contemporary look.

Alaska Business emphasizes the importance of all enterprises, from the large multinational corporations that do business in the state to the numerous sole proprietorships. We stress a statewide approach to business coverage with stories from all regions of the state and offers topical diversity just as broad as the Alaska economy itself.


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With every article, fixture, newsletter, and social media post, Alaska Business strives to produce our best work as we celebrate Alaska’s businesses and the individuals who run them. We are proud of our in-house editorial and production staff and our team of incredibly talented freelance writers and photographers who make this magazine possible.

Browse below to see recent examples of our award-winning work.

Gold Award: Cover and Special Section Design

Alaska Business was honored with a Gold Award for The Best of Alaska Business 2019 Cover and Special Section Spread at AIGA’s annual “The Big One” design competition for 2019.

First Place: Magazine Feature

Alaska Business Managing Editor Kathryn Mackenzie was awarded “First Place: Best Magazine Feature” for our inaugural Off the Cuff, featuring then-Executive Director of the Alaska Trucking Association Aves Thompson, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

First Place: Long Feature

Alaska Business Freelancer Isaac Stone Simonelli was awarded “First Place: Best Long Feature” for his article Newtok to Mertarvik, in which we inform our readers about the challenges that climate change and shoreline erosion have presented to the community of Newtok, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

First Place: Magazine Cover

Utilizing the amazing talents of local artist Lindsey Neidlinger, Alaska Business was awarded “First Place: Best Magazine Cover” by the Alaska Press Club in 2019 for our July 2018 cover.

First Place: Layout and Design

The Alaska Press Club honored Alaska Business with the “First Place: Best Page Layout & Design” award in 2019 for the two-page opening spread of the article Marine Salvage, authored by Isaac Stone Simonelli and published in July 2018.

Second Place: Layout and Design

Alaska Business won “Second Place: Best Page Layout & Design” from The Alaska Press Club in 2019 for the two-page opener of Facing the Blob, authored by Isaac Stone Simonelli and published in November 2018.

Third Place: Reporting on Health

Alaska Business Freelancer Isaac Stone Simonelli was awarded “Third Place: Best Reporting on Health” for his article Responsible Pain Management, in which we provide our readers with information on the opioid crisis and pain management options for Alaskans, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

Third Place: Vern McCorkle Award

Alaska Business Freelancer Julie Stricker was awarded “Third Place: Vern McCorkle Award for Best Business Reporting” for her article Enterprising Entrepreneurs, in which she explores small businesses serving rural locations, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

Alaska Business Magazine September 2020 Cover

In This Issue

Spreading the Word

September 2020

When Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) first aired TV commercials featuring the tagline, “A Place That’s Always Been,” the reaction was surprising. Not only because they received numerous accolades and marketing awards for the campaign but because, at the time, it was rare for Alaska Native corporations to market themselves through the media.