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About Us

Alaska Business Publishing Co. was established in 1984 and has published Alaska Business, the state’s premier business magazine, for more than thirty-five years.

Through our print and digital editions, website, newsletters, and social media platforms, Alaska Business emphasizes the importance of all enterprises statewide, from the large multinational corporations that do business in the state to numerous locally-owned sole proprietorships. Our goal is to promote economic growth in the state by providing a thorough and objective discussion and analysis of the issues and trends affecting Alaska’s business sector.

Starting in the first quarter of 2021, Alaska Business Publishing Co. is proud to publish The Alaska Contractor, issued quarterly, in partnership with the Associated General Contractors of Alaska (AGC of Alaska). The Alaska Contractor covers all aspects of Alaska’s vital construction industry, from winning construction bids and recent projects to profiles of the state’s dedicated contractors and updates from the AGC of Alaska.

Below, learn more about both our amazing team and awards we’ve received in recognition of our work.

Our Staff

Jason Martin
Jason Martin

Vice President
General Manager

Charles Bell
Charles Bell

Vice President
Sales & Marketing


Managing Editor

Monica Sterchi-Lowman
Monica Sterchi-Lowman

Art Director

Editorial Assistant

Janis Plume
Janis Plume

Sr. Account Manager

Scott Rhode
Scott Rhode
Fulvia Caldei Lowe
Fulvia Lowe

Graphic Designer

James Barnhill
James Barnhill


Sr. Account Manager

Marketing Assistant

Web Manager


Gold: 2021 Opening Page or Spread

Alaska Business Art Director Monica Sterchi-Lowman designed the two-page spread that opens “Getting Ahead of the Curve,” which discusses Alaska’s early efforts to combat COVID-19, written by Sam Friedman and published in July 2020. The spread won gold in the 2021 Opening Page or Spread TABPI awards category.

1st Place: Best Media Website

Alaska Business was awarded 1st Place for Best Media Website in the 2020 Alaska Press Club Awards; Judge Mike Campbell noted the site’s clean design and easy navigation as highlights.

2nd Place: Best Magazine Feature

Vanessa Orr wrote “Taking a Stand,” which was awarded 2nd Place for Best Magazine Feature in 2020. In this article, Orr explores how businesses large or small need to take a thoughtful approach to supporting or decrying social movements—and how doing nothing is rarely a good option.

3rd Place: Best Magazine Cover

Our July 2020 Cover celebrating the 5th annual Best of Alaska Business awards was designed by the exceptional Annie Brace of Corso Graphics and won 3rd place in the 2020 Alaska Press Club awards Best Magazine Cover category. 

3rd Place: Best Magazine Design

Art Director Monica Sterchi-Lowman designed the Corporate 100 special section in the April 2020 issue, which placed 3rd in the Best Magazine Design category of the 2020 Alaska Press Club Awards.

Gold Award: Cover and Special Section Design

Alaska Business was honored with a Gold Award for The Best of Alaska Business 2019 Cover and Special Section Spread at AIGA’s annual “The Big One” design competition for 2019.

First Place: Magazine Feature

Alaska Business then-Managing Editor Kathryn Mackenzie was awarded “First Place: Best Magazine Feature” for our inaugural Off the Cuff, featuring then-Executive Director of the Alaska Trucking Association Aves Thompson, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

First Place: Long Feature

Alaska Business Freelancer Isaac Stone Simonelli was awarded “First Place: Best Long Feature” for his article Newtok to Mertarvik, in which we inform our readers about the challenges that climate change and shoreline erosion have presented to the community of Newtok, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

First Place: Magazine Cover

Utilizing the amazing talents of local artist Lindsey Neidlinger, Alaska Business was awarded “First Place: Best Magazine Cover” by the Alaska Press Club in 2019 for our July 2018 cover.

First Place: Layout and Design

The Alaska Press Club honored Alaska Business with the “First Place: Best Page Layout & Design” award in 2019 for the two-page opening spread of the article Marine Salvage, authored by Isaac Stone Simonelli and published in July 2018.

Third Place: Vern McCorkle Award

Alaska Business Freelancer Julie Stricker was awarded “Third Place: Vern McCorkle Award for Best Business Reporting” for her article Enterprising Entrepreneurs, in which she explores small businesses serving rural locations, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

Third Place: Reporting on Health

Alaska Business Freelancer Isaac Stone Simonelli was awarded “Third Place: Best Reporting on Health” for his article Responsible Pain Management, in which we provide our readers with information on the opioid crisis and pain management options for Alaskans, by the Alaska Press Club in 2019.

Alaska Business June 2023 cover
In This Issue
100 Years of Passengers, Freight, and Real Estate
June 2023

This year the Alaska Railroad is celebrating 100 years of transportation people and cargo around Alaska. While the railroad is one of the states oldest transporters, it certainly isn’t the only one, and in this issue of Alaska Business we also check in on the Marine Highway, Span Alaska, and the White Pass & Yukon Route. For those interested in Southeast, our focus on that region provides updates on Kensington Mine, Tongass FCU, the troll fishery, and Juneau’s growing landfill.