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Railroad Names New Chief Mechanical Officer

Feb 21, 2020 | Right Moves, Tourism

Right Moves with Sean Mesloh

Veteran Mechanical Division leader Sean Mesloh accepts CMO position

ANCHORAGE—The Alaska Railroad (ARRC) is promoting Sean Mesloh to become Chief Mechanical Officer, effective March 1. The current CMO is SeanMesloh36-year railroad veteran Don Freestone, who retires February 28.

Mesloh began his railroad career nearly two decades ago in December 2000, when he was hired as a Car Shop mechanical laborer in the Anchorage Car Shop. Within months, he began an apprenticeship, progressing through Carmen Apprentice levels, learning to maintain freight and passenger railcars. In January 2004, he earned full Carman status. By 2006, Mesloh was promoted to Mechanical Supervisor, overseeing work on railcars, locomotives and heavy equipment. In this role, he gained three more years of hands-on shop experience.

In 2008, the railroad asked Mesloh to move to Fairbanks to serve as General Mechanical Supervisor. In late 2015, he was promoted to Director of Fairbanks Operations, responsible for terminal and train functions on the railroad’s north end. Mesloh returned to Anchorage in November 2019 to accept ARRC’s Manager of Motive Power and Equipment position.

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“The railroad’s transportation and equipment maintenance operations are closely tied, and a CMO with a solid background in both areas is a great asset. Plus, years spent on the mechanical front line lends credibility and perspective to Sean’s leadership,” said Chief Operating Officer Clark Hopp.

“Sean is well-acquainted with our main mechanical and operating hubs in Anchorage and Fairbanks,” Hopp added. “I know he’ll hit the ground running as the newest member of our executive management team.”

Mesloh earned an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science and Hazardous Material (Hazmat) Control from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Hazmat knowledge applies to the shop environment. ARRC’s Mechanical Division provides preventive and capital maintenance and repair services for railcar, locomotive and heavy equipment fleets. The division also oversees the trailer-on-flatcar operation.

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