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Allison Bendis of Klondike Promotions Earns MAS Certification

Jan 10, 2020 | Professional Services, Right Moves

Allison Bendis

Klondike Promotions announced that Allison Bendis has earned the certification of Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) administered by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the largest international not-for-profit association for more than 15,000 members of the $21 billion-plus promotional products industry.

MAS Certification requires completion of and current CAS Certification, a minimum five years of experience in the promotional products industry, additional MAS level course curriculum, industry service, and passing a comprehensive exam. The MAS certification is truly the “mark of a professional” signifying that an individual has reached and continues to meet a higher standard of professionalism, knowledge, and experience within the industry. Individuals with a PPAI certification are industry leaders—those who have attained a higher standard of professional competence, knowledge, and experience. PPAI industry certification is acquired through a combination of required certification classes, demonstrated years of employment in the industry, education, industry contributions, and a successful demonstration of expertise. Certification is maintained through continuing education to ensure current knowledge and leading-edge professional skills.

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January 2020

January 2020

Bendis is a true leader. “We could not be more excited for Allison and her achievement.  Becoming a MAS is significant both personally and professionally. Earning this professional designation is a journey that requires commitment, time, passion, intelligence, resilience, and having the internal drive to continually learn and grow. Allison embodies these traits naturally. Over the years it is not uncommon for industry veterans to talk about their desire to earn their MAS, but this desire often never materializes into a reality. Allison turned this vision in to a reality. She has persevered and is now amongst the ranks of a select group of industry professionals who are committed to their customers, to their organization, to maintaining high standards, to making a difference in their community, and to helping others along their professional journey. Congratulations to you Allison!  This is well deserved,” says Michelle Engelke, general manager of Klondike Promotions and fellow MAS.

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