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Changes to the Leadership Team at MTA

Apr 21, 2023 | Right Moves, Telecom & Tech

MTA is celebrating several promotions in its leadership team.

Ryan Ponder


Ryan Ponder has been promoted to Vice President of Legal, Regulatory, and Government Affairs. His previous title was Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs; in his new position, Ponder continues to advance MTA’s tribal and government relations strategies. Ponder is dedicated to navigating the complex regulatory landscape, and his leadership has enabled his team to excel.

Carin Yeh


Carin Yeh, previously a Grants Officer, is promoted to Manager of Grants and Regulatory Affairs. Since joining MTA, Yeh has demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise and dedication to ensuring MTA’s regulatory compliance. The co-op says her new leadership role will yield opportunities to make positive impacts on the telecom regulatory environment.

Jess Gilbert


Jess Gilbert has been promoted to Director of Marketing and Communications, after serving as Corporate Communications Manager since 2019. In this new role, Gilbert will continue to empower her teams while overseeing marketing along with all external and internal communications at MTA, including initiatives involving the MTA Foundation and MTA Gaming.


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