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Fresh and Custom Protein

Feb 15, 2019 | Agriculture, Eat. Shop. Play. Stay., Magazine, Retail, Small Business

Small business owners around the state provide local meat options, whether through raising animals in Alaska or processing game meats and fish sourced in the Last Frontier. Below is a range of butchers, wholesalers, and game processors to help you get your meat fix.

Family-owned Indian Valley Meats, located in Indian, has been a custom processor of fish and exotic meats since 1976 and, according to the company, is “one of the largest processors of game meat in North America.”

The cost for fish processing is by pound or by can, and options include smoked, vacuum packing, canned, jerky, or frozen. Processing game is also priced per pound and can include moose, buffalo, caribou, goat, sheep, deer, or pig. indianvalleymeats.com

Glenn’s Wild Game Processing is a family-run business that has been providing game and fish processing services since 1960. Located in Anchorage, it is known “for working with our ‘out of state’ hunting friends to make their hunt the best ever.”

Prices are based on the incoming weight of clean meat; game can be turned into steaks, roasts, stew meat, ribs, hamburger, bacon, or sausages. glennswildgame.com

Pioneer Meats has been processing local game into various products since 1995 and is located in Wasilla. Processing is priced by the pound, with incoming boneless meat costing less than bone-in meat. Processed products include teriyaki sticks, jalapeno sticks, Polish sausage, summer sausage, bratwurst, breakfast sausages, and chorizo. pioneermeatsofalaska.com

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Delta Meat & Sausage is located in Delta Junction and processes game meats and humanely raises animals for slaughter. The company states, “Our Alaska grown meats are wholesome, healthy, and affordable.”

Alaska grown beef is sold by the front quarter, hind quarter, half, or whole. Locally raised pork options include spring weaner pigs or one-half of pork. For big game processing, charges are based on incoming weight. deltameat.com

Alaska Sausage and Seafood is located in Anchorage and states, “For fifty years Alaska Sausage Company has met the needs of local hunters and sportsmen,” and has maintained its dedication to excellent products. The company offers an array of Wild Alaska fish products: smoked whole side salmon, salmon pieces, smoked salmon lachs, salmon strips, and smoked halibut pieces. Gourmet sausages include sausage rings or links with reindeer meat, German bratwurst, teriyaki sticks, and more. alaskasausage.com

Mat Valley Meats is “the only full service, old-fashioned meat market in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley,” according to the company. Mat Valley Meats specializes in Alaska grown beef and pork and offers custom game processing, domestic livestock processing, and fish processing and smoking. The company offers freezer packs of beef, poultry, steak, and pork, as well as variety packs, such as the Jumbo Freezer Filler that includes about 190 pounds of meat.

Mat Valley Meats will custom process game or fish, charging by the pound. mvmeat.com

Bear Mountain Meats is a family-owned and –operated game processor and smokehouse located just outside Palmer. The company says, “We strive to give our customers the best quality product,” and guarantees customers will have their own game returned to them. Prices are based on incoming, bone-in weight. Bear Mountain Meats processes moose, buffalo, beef, elk, hog, caribou, sheep, bear, and goat. bearmountainmeats.com

Alaska Meat Company sells beef “raised in Alaska for Alaskans.” The company owns and operates Sitkinak Ranch on Sitkinak Island, which has just occasional commercial fishing or hunting visitors, so the “cattle are able to freely roam the island year-round with abundant food and water.”

Sitkinak cattle are not given vaccines, hormones, or other chemicals and are not branded and are minimally handled. Beef can be purchased as a whole side or as ground beef. alaskameat.com

C&J Tender Meat is a family-owned and -operated butcher shop that has been serving Anchorage and the Bush for more than forty years, taking “pride in the products we sell and our customer service.” Services include custom cutting and packing, repackaging and pricing for wholesale, holiday meat orders for companies or individuals, and fish packaging and freezing. Located in Anchorage, C&J Tender Meat provides products for wholesale and retail. cjtendermeat.com

Mike’s Quality Meats has been in operation since 1989 and has been owned by the Giannulis family since 1991. The family-run company is located in Eagle River and is a retail store, meat processor, and wholesale meat provider. “We grind our ground beef fresh every day and you can see our butchers working to fill up our display cases any time you come in,” the company states.

Mike’s Quality Meats carries a full line of meats and a selection of seasonings, rubs, marinades, and sauces. mikesqualitymeats.com

Mr. Prime Beef is located in Anchorage and has been serving Alaskans since 1973. “We take pride in the products we offer and are proud to serve you,” the company states. Products available at Mr. Prime Beef include beef, pork, poultry, seafood, smoked meats, specialty meats, and seasonings and sauces. Specialty meats include buffalo, goat, lamb, and veal. Other miscellaneous products include cold cuts, frozen vegetables, cheese, and sides. mrprimebeef.com

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