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Jennifer Thomasson Named Partner at Gonzalez Marketing

Jul 10, 2020 | Professional Services, Right Moves

Right Moves - Jennifer Thomasson

For seventeen of its nineteen-year history, Gonzalez Marketing and clients have enjoyed the dedication and hard work of Jennifer Thomasson. Thomasson started as a part-time marketing assistant in 2002 while attending college and was the company’s first employee. In short order, Thomasson demonstrated intelligence, work ethic, technical abilities, organizational skills, media knowledge, and creativity that led to more responsibilities and duties being placed upon her, and ultimately the development of her current position, vice president of client services. In this role, Thomasson leads all projects and manages all client services.

In recognition of Thomasson’s immense talents, contribution to company and client success, and our visions for the future, Gonzalez Marketing has named Thomasson a partner in the company. Thomasson says, “Steve and I have discussed the possibility of a partnership for some time now. I am elated to have arrived at a time in my life where this opportunity can now be a reality. I look forward to focusing on enhancing the client experience and developing new areas of service with our core team.”

In her role as partner, Thomasson will be involved in additional duties including development of new services, staff training and development, corporate direction, and managing day to day activities. “For many years, Jennifer has demonstrated all the qualities required for our fast-paced industry—creative abilities, organizational skill, attention to detail, work ethic, and more. Our clients and coworkers love and respect her, and we are thrilled that Jennifer is ready and willing to add partner responsibilities to her daily activities,” says Gonzalez Marketing President Steve Gonzalez. “We look forward to letting Jennifer put her unique touch on the company and watching it grow.”

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