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Hans Roeterink Joins Cook Inlet Tribal Council as Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Jan 9, 2020 | Alaska Native, Right Moves

Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) is proud to announce the appointment of its new Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO), Hans Roeterink of Seattle. Roeterink brings a rare mix of business leadership, technical expertise, and financial acumen to his new role.

Before joining CITC, Roeterink provided services for Raven Management Consulting in Seattle in business transition and technology management services for private sector companies, while also developing and implementing strategies to improve financial performance.

Prior to Raven Management Consulting, Roeterink served as co-founder and COO of Quintillion and CEO of TDX Power in Anchorage.

“I am excited to join the team and support CITC’s goal of organizational self-sufficiency. Working closely with leadership, I am excited to find innovative ways to incorporate technology into CITC’s programs, operations, and future investments,” he says.

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Roeterink will be instrumental for CITC’s leadership in launching future strategies for technology and innovative new service capacity, helping to design a future in which Alaska Native people thrive.

“As CITC grows, technology becomes central to so much of what we do,” says Gloria O’Neill, president and CEO of CITC. “The CTIO role will be a vital part of how we operate today and how we strategically plan to grow our Mission into the future. I’m pleased to welcome Hans back home to Alaska, and I look forward to his experience and leadership at CITC.”

Roeterink was born in the Netherlands and became an American citizen in November of 2010. He has worked internationally, consulting with organizations on how to use IT to drive growth and enter new businesses. Roeterink previously lived in Anchorage for more than thirteen years while working with an Alaska Native organization and working to start, finance, and grow businesses, including his own startup.

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