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Ahtna Hires, Promotions, and Certifications

Jun 28, 2019 | Alaska Native, Right Moves

Ahtna Hires, Promotions, and Certifications

Ahtna announced several employee changes within its subsidiaries, including hires, promotions, and new certifications.

Rachel Wasson

Rachael Wasson, an Ahtna shareholder, has been promoted to Procurement Specialist with Ahtna Environmental, Inc. Her responsibilities include preparing subcontracts and subcontract change orders. Wasson is planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management.

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Chad Faverty

Chad Faverty has been promoted to Contracts Administrator with Ahtna Environmental, Inc. His responsibilities include setting up subcontractor documents for projects, tracking subcontractor documents, and providing assistance to the rest of the procurement staff. Faverty is an Ahtna shareholder and has been an Ahtna employee for three years.

Melissa Taylor

Melissa Taylor has been promoted by Ahtna Global to the position of Project Assistant I. Taylor completes documentation to establish accounts, processes field timecards, and purchase orders. She is an Ahtna shareholder and has been with Ahtna for nine years.

Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson, CF APMP, has achieved Foundation Certification through the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). APMP is an international organization dedicated to the process of winning business. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency. Thompson is a proposal manager with Ahtna Global and has a bachelor of science degree in language studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Baley Lenhart

Ahtna Environmental, Inc. added Environmental Engineer Baley Lenhart to its team. Lenhart is experienced with structural design including high‐end residential, log and timber‐frame designs, as well as steel and concrete construction. He is experienced at overseeing environmental investigations, remediation and removal actions, field surveys, and contaminated site sampling and monitoring. He has a bachelor’s in architectural engineering from the University of Wyoming.

Mitchell Webber

Ahtna Environmental, Inc. alsoadded Site Superintendent Mitchell Webber to its team. Webber has more than thirty-three years of experience overseeing all phases of multi-million-dollar construction projects. He has supervised and coordinated all aspects of construction including project specific safety plans, schedule generation, schedule maintenance, contract initiation, and execution. His experience includes projects such as the initial phase of a rocket launch facility, complex laboratory, learning centers, and detention facilities.

Rodney Lengele

Ahtna Shareholder Rodney Lengele has been hired as a Remote Sensing Specialist for Ahtna Solutions. Lengele interned last summer with Ahtna’s Corporate Communications Department and with Ahtna Engineering Services in the construction field, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

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