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May 31, 2023 | Marketing ADvice

christine merki

By Christine Merki, Sr. Account Manager, Alaska Business

WOW! We asked and you certainly delivered! Every March, the staff here at Alaska Business asks you to speak up and cast your ballot on the best businesses in various categories to create our annual Best of Alaska Business awards, published in July. And every year, you outdo yourself. This year we received a record number of votes. As you may know—especially if you voted—these awards have become a competitive benchmark for companies statewide.

“Winning the Best of Alaska Business award for ‘Best Accounting Firm’ is a source of pride for Altman, Rogers & Co. The award represents our staff’s achievements translating into a high level of client satisfaction. It boosts our camaraderie, and we look forward to every spring when we can vie for the privilege again!”

—Chief Operating Officer Heather Garland, Altman Rogers & Co

It’s nice to be recognized publicly and across the state.

Thank you to everyone who voted for this year’s Best of Alaska Business award winners. In doing so, you’ve left an indelible mark on many Alaskan businesses that do the hard work daily to become what it takes to be the best. Now, all that’s left is waiting with anticipation for the July issue of Alaska Business to see who the 2023 winners are!

“The Best of Alaska Business bug goes out on every email I send. If we are viewed as a top place to work, that translates to hiring the best people, which means our clients will receive the best care.”

—Development Director Jason Manalli of SetFree Alaska

Lots of winners means lots of eyes on the July magazine; we’re so looking forward to sharing the results with you in the Alaska Business July issue. To reserve ad space in this highly anticipated issue, contact us before the May 22 deadline!

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