Klawock to Host Cruise Stop in 2023

Jun 1, 2022 | Alaska Native, News, Tourism

Icy Strait Point

The Huna Totem Port Development Model, tried and tested at Icy Strait Point in Hoonah, is expanding south to the Prince of Wales Island village of Klawock.


Alaska’s next cruise ship destination is being built near the Tlingit village of Klawock. Oceania Cruises is scheduled to make four port calls starting in May 2023.

Following the Hoonah Model

Na-Dena`, the joint venture between Huna Totem Corporation and Doyon, Limited, is working with Klawock Heenya Corporation to develop passenger accommodations. The facility is based on the Huna Totem Port Development Model, an award-winning approach to balancing the tourism industry with the needs of small communities, as in in Hoonah and its cruise port, Icy Strait Point. Adopting Na-Dena`’s core development principles, Klawock will share local culture and promote employment of Native and local Alaska workforce and feature an Alaska-only retail program.

“Our vision of tourism, balanced with Alaska’s cruise industry, creates meaning for travelers and our Native communities,” says Huna Totem Corporation President and CEO Russell Dick. “Huna Totem’s Icy Strait Point incorporates elements of who we are as Alaska Native people, leaving travelers with a better understanding of our culture and the importance of our lands and surrounding environment. While the experience enhances their Alaska vacation, in turn, it also builds economic stability for all Alaska Native people to practice and share our traditions and history with the world. Na-Dena` looks forward to celebrating Klawock Heenya’s values and traditions in Alaska’s newest port.”

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Na-Dena` will assist Klawock Heenya Corporation to develop a series of guest attractions and tour products, embracing Klawock’s totem carving traditions, the abundance of local wildlife, and the area’s renowned sport fishing industry.

“Tourism is the opportunity we need,” says Klawock Heenya Corporation President Teresa D. Fairbanks. “It’s exciting to now pursue the future for Klawock and our Native shareholders. We know building a tourism-based economy is a process, but we share a similar history of fish canning and timber harvesting with Hoonah. Thanks to the partnership with Na-Dena`, together, we know Klawock Heenya will be successful.”

Built on 16 acres on Klawock Island, the port site is on the Pacific coast side of Prince of Wales Island. With two separate fjord entrances, sailing in and out of the port treats cruisers to scenic views of the wildlife, mountains, and lush islands. The port island connects by bridge to Prince of Wales’ road system, giving visitors access to other communities and shore excursions.

“A port is the next natural step for Na-Dena`,” Doyon President and CEO Aaron M. Schutt says. “We are looking forward to expanding tourism in Southeast Alaska to keep up with the increase in visitor volume and introducing cruise guests to Alaska Native culture.”

The port of Klawock helps Na-Dena` promote the evolution of the Alaska tourism industry, providing travelers with an increasing number of cultural tour products and sustainable tourism opportunities. The port partnership expects to announce additional cruise line visits for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, meeting the growing demands of the Alaska travel market.

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