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Pacific Dataport Signs Strategic Distribution Partnership with OneWeb

Jun 7, 2021 | Featured, News, Telecom & Tech

With a goal of putting the Last Frontier first for broadband access, Alaska-owned Pacific Dataport signed a distribution partner agreement with OneWeb to partner on distributing connectivity services in the 49th State.

OneWeb is a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications company and Pacific Dataport will serve as a OneWeb middle mile provider that offers capacity to telecoms, schools, health clinics, and Tribal organizations.

Pacific Dataport was created by Microcom, a leading supplier of satellite communication systems across Alaska. Pacific Dataport, connected by the OneWeb constellation, will be a wholesale provider while Microcom will be a consumer provider of LEO services in Alaska.

The OneWeb partnership with Pacific Dataport and Microcom will enable delivery of OneWeb’s high speed, low latency communications services across Alaska. It marks a key step in OneWeb’s preparation to commence commercial service in Alaska later this year and its commitment to bring high speed internet to the Arctic region.

Together, OneWeb, Pacific Dataport and Microcom share a vision to see high-speed, low-latency, enterprise-grade connectivity services delivered across Alaska and the expansion of this partnership is another step forward in bringing that vision to reality. This agreement is about high-speed service and competitive pricing in areas that have always struggled with Internet connectivity.

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After its successful launch last week, OneWeb now has 218 satellites and regular launches are planned throughout 2021. With just one more launch, OneWeb will have the satellites required to start connectivity for Alaska by the end of the year with customer demonstrations starting this summer and commercial service planned in winter 2021 through Microcom.

Pacific Dataport CEO Chuck Schumann says, “Pacific Dataport’s distribution agreement with OneWeb ensures that everyone in Alaska will enjoy OneWeb LEO services as early as the end of 2021. This will build on the longstanding relationship between the two companies. It will also support Pacific Dataport customers who would like to utilize hybrid middle mile technology using both OneWeb LEO and Aurora GEO HTS satellite. Hybrid satellite middle mile allows a broadband provider to expand their network capacity or reach into new communities more affordably.”

OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson is ready to go in Alaska. “OneWeb has been committed to connecting Alaska from the very beginning, and importantly, to do so by partnering with Alaskans to see this dream become a reality. Pacific Dataport and Microcom have been champions of our vision and our work together continues today as we prepare our high-speed, low latency services to light up by the end of the year. With our Talkeetna ground station standing ready, OneWeb is proud to put the Last Frontier first. We look forward to bringing transformative connectivity to schools, small businesses, and many more.”  

Pacific Dataport Inc. (PDI) is a satellite middle mile communications company headquartered in Anchorage.

OneWeb is a global communications network powered from space, headquartered in London, enabling connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities.

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