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ASTAC Brings 4G LTE Service to Alaska’s Dalton Highway on the North Slope

Dec 23, 2020 | Arctic, News, Telecom & Tech

ASTAC’s additional 4G LTE sites along the Dalton Highway will improve safety and connectivity.

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Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative turned up three new 4G LTE sites this week, making it the first telecommunications company to bring wireless coverage to the northern reaches of the Dalton Highway where no other coverage had existed previously.

These sites will improve safety and connectivity along this remote, 414-mile critical Alaska corridor for both ASTAC and AT&T wireless customers.

ASTAC has plans to turn up three additional sites on the Dalton Highway in 2021.

In October 2017, ASTAC turned up its first three 4G LTE wireless sites in Kuparuk and Deadhorse. The following September, ASTAC expanded 4G LTE coverage in Utqiaġvik, Wainwright, and Deadhorse, vastly improving wireless internet speeds.

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Quality 4G LTE wireless service is an essential part of many people’s lives. The ability to utilize and experience high-speed internet in richer ways opens new possibilities for both people and businesses.

From streaming videos to online classes at universities, the Internet of Things, and improved oil field analytics to the delivery of near instantaneous medical information, users will improve how they connect with the world by experiencing data speeds up to eight times faster.

A map of ASTAC’s 4G LTE coverage area on the Dalton Highway.


“ASTAC is committed to closing the technology gap across the North Slope to enhance our members’ experiences and improve safety in some of the most remote places in Alaska. 4G LTE is a big part of that effort and a real game-changer in the region,” says Jens Laipenieks, ASTAC general manager and CEO.

ASTAC provides broadband Ethernet and internet, LTE wireless, and local and long-distance services across the North Slope. Additionally, ASTAC offers a Nomadic WAN and internet service using the North Slope’s only private LTE network covering the oil fields.

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