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World Trade Center Anchorage Rebrands

Nov 21, 2023 | News, Nonprofits, Professional Services

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World Trade Center Anchorage President and CEO Greg Wolf announced in November that the organization is in the midst of rebranding to become the Alaska International Business Center (akIBC).

Full Launch in December

“After considerable consideration, we have made a strategic decision that this new name better reflects the range of services and information we offer to our members,” Wolf wrote in a letter to members and friends of the center. “In addition, the new name allows us to return the word ‘Alaska’ to our name, which is a better representation of our statewide membership and operations.”

Wolf says the full launch period of rebranding will happen over December.

“In my thirty-plus years involved with Alaska’s international trade and economic development efforts, I have never been more optimistic and excited about such a transition! I believe it positions us well to be a prominent leader in moving Alaska’s economy forward, especially with our focus on introducing Alaskans to new markets and new customers for their products and services,” says Wolf.

Current Issue

Alaska Business February 2024 Cover

February 2024

In addition to the new name, akIBC will be announcing a host of new services for its members and will extend and strengthen its global reach through some of the new public and private partnerships it has established in overseas markets. In the weeks ahead, akIBC will also introduce expanded member benefits.

Wolf says his team still has work to do—new websites and other communication tools—but daily work on behalf of members is ongoing. Its next event, the Tech Forward Alaska Luncheon, will happen at noon November 30 at the Coast Inn at Lake Hood, with presentations by four successful local tech companies. Pre-registration is suggested.

Alaska Business February 2024 cover
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