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Top Chef Alum, 229 Parks Owner/Executive Chef Laura Cole to Run Muse in Anchorage

Feb 13, 2019 | Media & Arts, Small Business, Tourism

The James Beard Foundation

ANCHORAGE—James Beard Award-nominee Laura Cole brings her flair for local, sustainable Alaska cuisine to the Anchorage Museum’s full-service restaurant and atrium café this April as the museum leans into its summer visitor season.

Executive chef and owner of 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern at the entrance to Denali National Park and Preserve, Cole is known for defining Alaska cuisine, bringing the state’s bounty to the table with creativity born of her experience in kitchens around the world and inspired by the distinct character of Alaska’s food culture.

“It’s my goal to nourish and nurture all those who come to our table, focusing on developing and defining Alaska’s cuisine with the help of ranchers, fisherpersons, farmers and foragers across Alaska,” says Cole.

Among her signature dishes are wholesome, cooked-from-scratch snacks, entrees and desserts like crispy parsnip chips with house ranch dressing, Alaska ranched pork ribs with beet root glaze, charred local carrots with crispy chickpeas, Alaska bouillabaisse with saffron aioli, reindeer ragu with mint and house goat ricotta, beet and carrot macaroon ice cream sandwiches, handcrafted sodas and rhubarb lemonade.

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Sustainable Food, Alaska-style

Cole’s commitment to clean, pure, healthy and hearty food using local, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients is a key reason why the museum selected her to run its signature restaurant.

“Laura’s approach to food is about elevating and defining place in a way that respects and reveres its distinct characteristics and people. This approach mirrors the museum’s approach to exhibitions, programs and collections. So, it’s exciting to add food to the ways in which the museum strives to provide a powerful and compelling narrative for the North,” says Anchorage Museum Director and CEO Julie Decker.

MUSE with Laura Cole opens April 9, after a brief closure starting March 31 to prepare for the transition to new management.

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