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UAS Ketchikan Acquires Dedicated Vehicle for the Maritime Training Center

Oct 23, 2023 | Education, News

UAS Maritime Vehicle with Campus Director Priscilla Schulte, Program Coordinator Lisa Dale, and Assistant Professor of Marine Transportation Chris Boss.

UAS Maritime Training Center

UAS’s new Maritime Training Center-branded vehicle promotes the center while transporting staff and equipment.

Inspiration on Wheels

The UAS Ketchikan Maritime Training Center is one of six members of the Alaska Maritime Education Consortium, working to address the maritime workforce needs across the state. UAS Ketchikan has been training mariners for more than thirty years. The UAS Maritime Training Center provides maritime programs meeting regional needs throughout Southeast.

The truck purchase was funded partially by a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.

With its special promotional graphics promoting the work of the center, “the new truck provides the needed transportation for Maritime faculty, staff, and equipment and also increases the visibility of our program,” says Dr. Priscilla Schulte, UAS Ketchikan Campus Director.

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Located directly on the water, the Maritime Training Center houses a comprehensive welding lab, as well as a diesel and electronics lab. The facility also has a simulation training lab featuring an NT Professional 5000 Full Mission Navigation Bridge Simulator for both professional training and research. With dozens of hyper-realistic computer-generated models of ships, ports, and environmental conditions, its hardware and software applications provide professional quality simulation that accurately replicates real maritime navigation conditions.

Regarding the new vehicle and its special graphics, faculty Chris Boss notes “Our hope is that it will inspire and educate many more students with the opportunities available in all our trades programs.” Boss is an Assistant Professor of Marine Transportation and US Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer 4 (retired).

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