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UAF Launches Professional Certificate in Sport Business Management

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Education, News

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has created an online, 12-week professional certificate in sport business management in partnership with edX.

Students can earn the certificate by completing three four-week classes. Students can enroll and progress through the online courses on their own schedule. Though the classes are available for free, earning the professional certificate requires completing graded assessments as part of the paid verified track, which costs $149 per course. Learners who purchase the certificate as a whole receive a 10% discount.

The certificate program introduces all aspects of the business side of sports, including event management, marketing, facilities and analytics. Students learn about the inner workings of the sports industry, how to build their skills and network, and how to leverage their experiences into successful careers. Two courses focus on specific skills: one teaches about sales and the other covers data-driven decision-making.

Courses are taught by industry professionals, including a professional sports agent, manager of corporate partnership marketing for the Dallas Cowboys, and manager for partnership development for the Charlotte Hornets.

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The professional program is relevant for high school students, people looking to break into the sport industry and people looking to switch careers.

“Designed by industry experts and professionals, this program focuses on career development and foundational knowledge,” says Owen Guthrie, UAF eCampus director. “Anyone who completes this certificate will have the skills and knowledge to pursue a career or degree in sport business.”

Since partnering with edX in August 2020, UAF has developed eight courses for the platform. More than 7,100 students from 134 countries have enrolled in UAF’s edX courses. EdX is a leader among platforms that offer massive open online courses (commonly known as MOOCs). UAF chose to partner with edX because of its consortium model, nonprofit status, and commitment to innovation and open education.

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