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‘Bristol Bay Wild Market’ Brings Alaska Flavors to Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena

Sep 9, 2021 | Alaska Native, Featured, Fisheries, News, Tourism

Bristol Bay Wild Market will join twelve other marketplaces in arena with wild, sustainably sourced seafood

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Bristol Bay Native Corporation announced the brand new “Bristol Bay Wild Market” as the exclusive seafood marketplace inside the Climate Pledge Arena. The “Bristol Bay Wild Market” is a collaboration between BBNC, Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA), and Bristol Wild Seafood Company—three organizations rooted in Alaska that have come together to bring wild Alaska seafood and the rich cultural heritage of Bristol Bay to millions of arena visitors every year. While promotion of wild Bristol Bay sockeye salmon and pacific cod connects these partners, the preservation of Alaska marine habitats and culture unites them. That is why the marketplace is the perfect partner with the sustainability goals of Climate Pledge Arena.

“Bristol Bay Native Corporation is proud to share the unique tastes of our region with visitors to Climate Pledge Arena,” says BBNC President and CEO Jason Metrokin. “As a proud partner of the Seattle Kraken, creating the marketplace with our incredible partners is the natural next step in promoting the best of Bristol Bay while educating arena visitors about Alaska and the bold, cooperative spirit of our people.”

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“The goal of BBRSDA is to ensure long-term success of the world’s largest and most valuable salmon fishery,” says BBRSDA Executive Director Andy Wink. “This new marketplace is not only the perfect opportunity to share the stories of our fleet and organization but also to give more people the chance to experience the benefits of their hard work.”

“Bristol Wild Seafood is committed to the highest quality product—handling each fish with care and reverence,” adds BWSC President Everette Anderson. “The respect given to the environment and treatment of fish results in a better-quality product and will help our customers understand what sustainable fishing means for future generations. We’re very excited that this is something millions of arena visitors will soon learn.”

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During every game and event, arena visitors will have the opportunity to try some of the best seafood in the world through a menu created by Climate Pledge Arena Executive Chef Molly De Mers that includes:


  • Wild Alaska Panko Cod Street Tacos
  • Grilled Wild Sockeye Street Tacos
  • Wild Alaska Cod Fish N Chips
  • Bristol Bay Wild Sockeye Fillet + Baguette
  • Seasonal Clam + Bering Sea Wild Alaska Cod Chowder

“We are developing a culinary program at Climate Pledge Arena that showcases the best of the Pacific Northwest—which is why we’re excited to partner with Bristol Bay to offer fresh, sustainably harvested Alaska seafood,” says De Mers.

Home to some of the last wild runs of salmon in the world, Bristol Bay’s thriving wild salmon population is a testament to the quality of Alaska’s waters and healthy salmon habitats; which means a healthier, tastier product compared to farmed salmon.

From the ice-cold waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea, BWSC’s cod is harvested one fish at a time, on a hook, the way that fish have been caught for hundreds of years. This process, called longlining, guarantees the most humane treatment of every fish and that the highest quality product is carefully delivered to market—which means higher quality, better tasting cod every time.

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