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Alaska Business Publishing Co. to Publish The Alaska Contractor Magazine

Sep 2, 2020 | Construction, Featured, Media & Arts, News

The AGC of Alaska team (from left to right): Thea Scalise, assistant executive director; Kimberley Gray, events coordinator; Alicia Siira, executive director; Clare Kreilkamp, membership director; and Margaret Empie, CIPF/special projects.

AGC of Alaska

Alaska Business Publishing Co. (ABPC) is excited to announce it will begin publishing The Alaska Contractor magazine and Annual Membership Directory for the Associated General Contractors of Alaska beginning with the Winter 2021 edition. The agreement marks another step forward in ABPC’s mission of promoting economic growth in the state through discussion and analysis of the issues and trends affecting Alaska’s business sector.

“A partnership between AGC of Alaska and ABPC is a natural fit as both organizations are deeply invested in the success of the Alaska business community,” says Charles Bell, vice president of sales at ABPC. “As the new publisher of The Alaska Contractor, we are committed to continuing AGC’s mission of advocating for the construction industry.”

AGC of Alaska’s The Alaska Contractor magazine is published quarterly and features the latest developments in the Alaska construction industry. The Alaska Contractor also provides readers with news and information about happenings at AGC of Alaska, which provides expert advice and guidance related to the construction industry to state and federal agencies, private groups, and other trade organizations.

Current Issue

Alaska Business November 2020 Cover

November 2020

“ABPC is honored to have been selected as publisher of AGC of Alaska’s The Alaska Contractor magazine and annual Membership Directory,” says Jason Martin, general manager and vice president of Alaska Business Publishing Co. “We are excited to help continue the legacy AGC of Alaska began in 1948. Our two organizations can learn a lot from each other and we are thrilled at this opportunity to evolve together.”

ABPC will also publish and distribute AGC of Alaska’s annual Membership Directory which is distributed exclusively to members statewide.

Alaska Business Magazine November 2020 Cover

In This Issue

Diving into Alaska Aquaculture

November 2020

Aquaculture is an industry Alaskans are probably familiar with, even if they’re unfamiliar with the term itself. Broadly, aquaculture refers to the cultivation of numerous species of fish and aquatic plants, such as shellfish, algae, and finfish, as well as enhancement and restoration projects designed to increase wild populations of specific species, says Heather McCarty, vice-chair of the Alaska Mariculture Task Force.

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