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Here’s How Alaskans—Businesses and Consumers—Are Coping with COVID

Mar 25, 2020 | COVID-19, Monitor

Across the state, businesses and consumers are stepping up to keep the economy moving along in the face of coronavirus. Below, we’ve compiled a few tidbits from our own resources (social media, news updates, and more) and information found from other sources.

On social media, we asked Alaskans how they’re supporting the local business community. Here’s what they said: 

“I am working on getting multiple episodes out a week to keep putting the word out about Alaskan food and beverage makers and letting people know they are still open.”

—@49thmealpodcast [Instagram]

“We are ordering take out a couple times a week and plan to buy gift certificates for future purchases. 😊”

—@michelleblackwell58 [Instagram]

“Getting take out a couple nights a week and delivering groceries to folks I know in the food industry who were laid off.”

—@broker99516 [Instagram]

“Ordering books through my local bookstore instead of Amazon”

—@savellsun [Instagram]

“Offering free services to clients and any business needing some online support to move their business online. (in limited amounts) of course.”

—Bianca Frank Design [LinkedIn]

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Alaska organizations are keeping things positive on their own social media:

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