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Jun 1, 2023 | Marketing ADvice

Janis Plume

By Janis Plume, Sr. Account Manager, Alaska Business

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of my work in my life. Throughout my career, I have been able to work for the best companies, and Alaska Business is at the top of my list. I also work for my clients, and I have the good fortune to work with the best advertisers in Alaska.
One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is when advertisers share positive feedback with me. Recently a couple of my clients shared their thoughts about the value they find in working with Alaska Business.

“Alaska Business magazine has proven to be an ongoing conduit for MT Housing to seek the attention of clients and potential clients in the Alaskan marketplace. Every time our advertisements are viewed in the publications, we have an opportunity to potentially build another facility that will benefit an Alaskan client, whether they reach out to us because of the advertisement or later because of the familiarity that was built through the consistent presence through the pages of your magazine.
Thank you for your constant support and efforts to guide us through advertising in the Alaska Business family of publications over the years and your personal efforts to get to know us better so that our investments with you are pinpointed and prioritized to be the most effective.”

—Stacy Stoltenow,Vice President, MT Housing Inc.

“Reviewing each issue of Alaska Business magazine provides a market scan. I review new issues to get a sense of who might be expanding and seeking new talent. When I work with transitioning military personnel, I ask what industry they want to call home when they get a non-military role. In addition to the regular monthly issues, the Power List is a perfect tool for them to learn the major players in each industry.
Thank you and your organization—we provided the 2023 Power List to 25-30 attendees and speakers at the 2023 Career Management Workshop. I wish you could have seen the expressions of ‘wow’ on some attendees’ faces! We have military, students, and other community members in the crowd, and that was the target audience we (the WBU SHRM #5583 student leadership group) had hoped to attract.”

—Dr. Mary Rydesky, CEO, Transition Management Consulting

If you need to advertise your business and would like to build a positive working relationship with me, drop me a note. I will promise to give you my best. It’s what I strive to do.

For more marketing advice contact the Alaska Business marketing professionals at 907-276-4373

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