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Nov 8, 2023 | Marketing ADvice


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Janis Plume

By Janis Plume, Sr. Account Manager, Alaska Business

Our troop leader repeatedly said, “be prepared,” when I was a young Boy Scout. That was never more true than when we got ready to go on a winter camping trip. You don’t head out into the frozen wilderness without the basics that will not only help safeguard your survival but will also lead to a rewarding experience.

The same holds true for your business, which will require steadfast preparation of your marketing activity. Not only do you want to survive—you want to succeed!

In October we’re at the doorstep to another Alaska winter. This is the time to prepare for 2024. You may still be gathering the “nuts and berries” of this year’s bounty, but in order to have such a harvest next year you must also prepare for what lies ahead.

Your Alaska Business account manager can help you with preparations. We can get you into a state of solid marketing preparedness by talking with you to learn more about your goals, challenges, and even budget limitations. Armed with this information, we’ll work with you on developing the most effective advertising plan to reach your target market with print and digital media solutions offered by Alaska Business Publishing Co.

Contact your account manager and set up a time for a fruitful discussion that will lead to a state of marketing preparedness that you can count on. We’re ready to help you “be prepared.”

For more marketing advice contact the Alaska Business marketing professionals at 907-276-4373

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