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Great Alaskan Holidays Adds Eight Staff to the Team

Nov 7, 2023 | Right Moves, Tourism

Great Alaskan Holidays

Great Alaskan Holidays—the largest RV rental, sales, and service business in the state—added several year-round staff to its motorhome rental, sales, and parts and service support teams.

Tammi Wiese

Great Alaskan Holidays

Tammi Wiese is newly promoted to a full-time position, having been with Great Alaskan Holidays for a few years prior. Wiese is now one of Great Alaskan Holidays’ lead housekeeping technicians.

Cory Gampon

Great Alaskan Holidays

Cory Gampon, having been with Great Alaskan Holidays for a few years in a part-time role, is now a part of the full-time housekeeping team.

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Ethan Korpi

Great Alaskan Holidays

Ethan Korpi Love is now the organization’s Lead Dispatcher. In that role, he is an integral part of seasonal vehicle flows, especially critical during Alaska’s peak tourism season.

Jessica Bowen

Great Alaskan Holidays

Jessica Bowen fills the newly created position of Online Parts Associates. Bowen is primarily responsible for an online presence the company had never deployed in previous years.

Makayla McCarthy

Great Alaskan Holidays

Makayla McCarthy is the organization’s new Bookkeeper. Previously the office manager for the Carpenters union, McCarthy is also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in finance at UAA.

Anna Eldridge

Great Alaskan Holidays

Anna Eldridge is new to the company, hired as a Reservations Specialist in the reservations department. Eldridge was previously a barista with Common Grounds and Spenard Grinds.

Joel McDonald

Great Alaskan Holidays

Joel McDonald was previously employed part-time with Great Alaskan Holidays. He returns with a promotion to Apprentice RV Technician. In that position, he plays a critical role keeping all the company’s motorhomes safe for traveling customers.

David Short

Great Alaskan Holidays

David Short joins the ranks of Apprentice RV Technician, having been employed previously part-time with Great Alaskan Holidays. He fills out an already robust and highly skilled team.

“Great Alaskan Holidays is very grateful to have Tammi, Cory, Ethan, Jesse, Makayla, Anna, Joel, and David now as full-time team members”, says Bob Johnson, the firm’s director of marketing. “Reliable, dependable employees are difficult to find these days, as employers face some pretty consistent worker shortage challenges. Especially here in Alaska. With our Housekeeping, Reservations, RV Tech, and Accounting departments now more strongly staffed than ever before, we are ready for a promising 2024 season.”

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