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Arctic Slope Telephone Expands 4G LTE Along Dalton Highway

Dec 7, 2022 | News, Telecom & Tech

coldfoot alaska

An aerial view of Coldfoot, Alaska along the Dalton Highway.

Jacob Boomsma | iSTOCK

Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative (ASTAC) established three new 4G LTE stations along the Dalton Highway at Slope Mountain, Chandalar, and Coldfoot.

Three for the Road

ASTAC turned up the first three 4G LTE wireless sites along the Dalton Highway in December 2020. Since then, it has been working to bring the total sites up to six, in collaboration with Quintillion, the US Bureau of Land Management, and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

ASTAC was the first to add this crucial infrastructure north of Toolik Lake to Prudhoe Bay, bringing the service total to more than 250 miles along the haul road. Expanding service throughout the northern reaches of the Dalton Highway improves connectivity for both ASTAC and AT&T wireless customers along a 414-mile corridor.

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“Over the North Slope, ASTAC keeps growing its wireless coverage area,” says Jens Laipenieks, ASTAC CEO and general manager. “These three new locations give the Dalton Highway coverage that was previously lacking. For our people on the North Slope, safety and good communication are essential. We commend Quintillion and the Department of Natural Resources in particular for their assistance in making this a reality.”

The co-op expects users will experience data rates up to eight times faster, from streaming films to online classes at colleges. For business customers, 4G wireless enables Internet of Things connections, improved oil field analytics, and near immediate medical information.

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