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The Salvation Army Is Closing Its Dimond Thrift Store

Nov 19, 2020 | Nonprofits, Retail

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After significant review and analysis, a decision has been made by The Salvation Army to close its Family Thrift Store and Donation Center at 501 East Dimond Boulevard.

“Several key factors have driven this decision,” says Major John Brackenbury, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army Alaska Division, “We have experienced significant loss of income due to extended periods of closure following the 2018 earthquake and during COVID-19; we consistently are unable to meet daily income goals, which prevents us from meeting our financial obligations, let alone achieving profitability; and our lease will be ending December 31, 2020, and we can no longer afford the rental payments.

“While the thrift stores are a service to the community, their ultimate purpose is to provide healing and justice to those who come to The Salvation Army for help. At this point, we are upside down in our mission as the headquarters is financially supporting the store budget.”

The Dimond Store will be closed three weeks before the end of the year to allow for the transfer of goods to the Army’s Northern Lights Store, which is located at 300 West Northern Lights Boulevard. Regarding employees, the Army plans to resource staff based on the availability of positions.

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The Northern Lights Store will remain open and will be undergoing much needed renovations and upgrades, which have been made possible due to a generous donation that was received specifically for this purpose to honor the memory of one of the stores most loyal shoppers.

“In addition to maintaining the Northern Lights location, The Salvation Army is also reviewing opportunities to begin aggressive online sales,” says Captain Peter Pemberton, Divisional Secretary for Business for the Alaska Division. “We appreciate the support the public provides when they choose to make purchases at our stores, as they are helping us to impact the lives of those in the most need. It is our hope that our supporters will continue to visit our Northern Lights Store and understand that decisions of this nature are never easy, but that we are confident we are doing what is best for The Salvation Army here in Anchorage.”

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