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Blackwolf Copper & Gold Commences Fieldwork in Lower Panhandle

Jul 7, 2022 | Mining, News

Entering Hyder, Alaska

Hyder, a town on the Alaska side of the Canadian border and one corner of the Golden Triangle.

Matt Lemmon licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Blackwolf Copper & Gold commenced surface exploration at its properties northwest of Hyder near the tip of the Alaska Panhandle in a mining region known as the Golden Triangle.

All This and Cantoo

Due to high snowpacks in the mountainous terrain, initial work is concentrated on the high-grade Cantoo vein targets and the recently staked Mineral Hill property, adjacent to the Premier gold project being developed by fellow Canadian company Ascot Resources. Blackwolf plans to explore its Texas Creek and Casey properties later during the 2022 field season.

The priority is to prepare for initial drilling at Cantoo, pending permits from the US Forest Service. Additionally, field crews are performing rock and soil sampling, mapping, and assessment of historic prospects and workings.

“The wide, stacked veins identified by Blackwolf’s crews in 2021 at the Cantoo property are the most compelling targets that I’ve seen in my career in the Golden Triangle,” says Rob McLeod, president and CEO of Blackwolf. “Additionally, we are excited to evaluate all of our claims in the Hyder area, which has not seen significant exploration since the 1930s. We look forward to an exciting season of exploration and discovery.”

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Alaska Business March 2023 Cover

March 2023

The Mineral Hill and Cantoo Properties cover a five kilometer long, northwest striking trend of multiple gold, silver, and polymetallic prospects historically explored by trenches and underground drifting but with no modern exploration.

Located due east of the Premier project and likely part of the samemetallogenic system, the Cantoo property hosts at least two wide, shallow southeast dipping vein structures up to 30 meters in thickness. These veins are exposed on cliff faces that are clearly observed from the air and represent obvious targets for diamond drilling. According to Alaska territorial records, work at Cantoo a century ago ceased after the stock market crash of 1929.

Blackwolf is currently mapping and sampling multiple areas of the property, focusing on zones of veining and hydrothermal alteration.

Acquired through staking in 2021 and 2022, Blackwolf has a 100 percent interest in its Hyder properties, which comprise four claim groups (Texas Creek, Cantoo, Mineral Hill, and Casey) across 534 US federal mining claims and four State of Alaska mining claims. Very limited modern exploration has been performed in the area, with virtually none since 1995.

Blackwolf also holds a 100 percent interest in the recently permitted Niblack deposit, located adjacent to tidewater in southeast Alaska as well. McLeod says fieldwork plans for the Niblack copper/gold/zinc/silver project are still being finalized.

Alaska Business March 2023 cover
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