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Vibrant Alaskan Wildflower Inspires Alaskan Brewing’s Latest

Jun 30, 2020 | Manufacturing, News, Retail

Fireweed Blonde next up in new Limited Release Series

The latest offering from Alaskan Brewing is a light, easy-drinking ale brewed with fireweed honey, releasing at the height of Alaska’s summer. Fireweed Blonde is the second offering in Alaskan’s new Limited Release series introduced this year.

“When we announced the new Limited Release series, there was a lot of excitement surrounding Fireweed Blonde in particular, and we can’t wait for our fans to finally try it,” said Alaskan Head Brewer Rob Day. “The first of the series, Hazy Bay Juicy IPA, has already become a fan-favorite, and Fireweed Blonde is showing early signs of being a big hit as well—so it’s an exciting beer for us to be bringing into the summer season.”

A classic light-bodied American Blonde Ale, Fireweed Blonde is brewed with a touch of fireweed honey to balance the slight hop bitterness. Sometimes called the “champagne of honey,” fireweed honey is the result of honeybees harvesting nectar from the vibrant fireweed plants that bloom in summer throughout Alaska. “Fireweed honey has a clean, delicate yet complex flavor, so it was perfect for adding a subtle sweetness to this crisp, light-bodied beer,” explained Day.

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Fireweed Blonde is a lower alcohol beer with a 4.5% ABV. “We aimed to hit a high level of refreshment and drinkability with this beer. We thought a lot about summer beers and wanted something very crushable,” said Day. “And it is available in cans, so it’s the perfect thirst-quenching beer to pack along on summer adventures.”

The bright fuchsia and purple packaging pays homage to the fireweed blossoms that signal the summer season in Alaska. Fireweed is named for the dazzling blooms, but also for the fact that it is among the first plants to repopulate areas hit by wildfires that can impact much of the Alaskan wilderness. For that reason, fireweed has become a symbol for renewal in Alaska, and for the long summer days that this beer is made for.

Fireweed Blonde will be on shelves and on draft starting in July and will be followed by Stratasphere IPA in autumn.

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