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Alaskan Brewing Brings Home a Gold Crushie Award

May 24, 2023 | Manufacturing, News

A design by Launch Beverage Consulting for Alaskan Brewing Company won a Gold Crushie at the 2023 Craft Beer Marketing Awards.

Alaskan Brewing Company

Every beer drinker seems to have an opinion about which brew is best, but the Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMA) judge only the container. One design from Alaskan Brewing Company in Juneau earns accolades.

Approval of Seal

CBMA handed out its “Crushie” awards at a craft brewers conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Alaskan Brewing earned a Gold Crushie in the category of Best Can Design, 8 ounce to 15 ounce, for the packaging of its limited release Chillin’ Cold IPA. The 12-ounce can sports a glacier-blue iceberg and a white seal waving its flipper. The design is by Launch Beverage Consulting of St. Louis, Missouri.

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Alaskan Brewing shares the award with seven other US brewers that earned golds and two that earned platinum, plus six other winners in the category worldwide. Other categories include can designs for series of beers, hard seltzers, and non-alcoholic beverages; for bottles, 32-ounce “crowlers,” and can sleeves; and for other marketing materials and campaigns. All the winners can be viewed at the CBMA website.

The Chillin’ Cold IPA is the only award-winner for an Alaska brewer. Last year, Alaskan Brewing won a Platinum Crushie in the same category, and 49th State Brewing won Gold Crushies in three categories.

CBMA was established in 2019 to give recognition to the best of the best in the marketing realm of the brewing industry.

“We were so impressed by the sheer creativity, innovation, and caliber of marketing displayed in entries from around the world in every category,” says CBMA co-founder Jim McCune. “More than 600 industry professional judges from around the world had their work cut out for them this year!”

A wide range of entries were received from every region of the world. The United States had the most winners, followed by Australia and Canada. A total of 304 award wins were presented to winning brewers, designers, and marketing agencies. There are 89 Platinum Crushie wins, 160 Gold Crushie wins, and 56 Global Crushie wins.

Alaskan Brewing Company

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