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Total Benefit Solutions Announces New Healthcare Partnership with Alaska Support Industry Alliance

Feb 18, 2021 | Insurance, News

The cost of healthcare has been rising steadily across the US, and Alaska is no exception. In fact, some studies show it is actually significantly higher in the northernmost state than in the lower 48. But there is relief in sight for one group, thanks to a new partnership between Total Benefit Solutions (TBS) and The Alliance.

“Our partnership with Total Benefit Solutions is really a game-changer for our members,” says Rebecca Logan, CEO of The Alliance.

“In fact, some of our early adopters are already seeing significant savings in the realm of thousands of dollars they can now put back into their businesses. The health plans can not only help companies stay in business but also give them an edge over the competition and help with recruiting.”

How It Works

Parker, Smith & Feek, Hub International, and USI Insurance Services are the trusted brokers working for Alliance members. Member companies can help lower their premium costs, tap into exclusive local network discounts and provide employees with coverage from Aetna and MetLife by requesting a quote on Total Benefit Solutions’ landing page. 

“The partnership with The Alliance really exemplifies what we do,” says John Henry, managing director for Total Benefit Solutions.

“We completely understand the challenge smaller organizations and companies face when it comes to employee healthcare costs—especially in this economic climate. We are dedicated—and honored to offer a customized and affordable array of health insurance options to the Alaskan members of The Alliance.”

Through this partnership, The Alliance is able to offer their members large group employer benefits to member groups as small as two persons.

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