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Mayor Bronson Applauds Development in Downtown Anchorage, Announces Members of Anchorage Economic Revitalization and Diversification Committee

Sep 10, 2021 | Government, News

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Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson announced the selection of the Anchorage Economic Revitalization and Diversification Advisory Committee and applauded the efforts being made in the economic recovery of the city. Four major developments are in the planning stages for downtown Anchorage.

“Since taking office my top priorities have been homelessness, public safety, economic development, and port revitalization,” says Mayor Bronson. “I want to see an Anchorage with new cranes in the sky, new private investments pouring into our community, new projects breaking ground, and new residents and industry arriving to call Anchorage home. We have a lot to be optimistic about with developers investing nearly $400 million dollars of shovel ready projects that we expect to see within 12-36 months.”

The Anchorage Economic Revitalization and Diversification Advisory Committee which is made up of a diverse group of Anchorage residents and business leaders, will help guide the Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA) in its mission to set the stage for the economic success of the Municipality of Anchorage.

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The committee members will be:

  • Paul Landes, Senior Vice President, Consumer Services, GCI
  • Shawn Williams, Vice President of Government Affairs & Strategy, Pacific Dataport, inc.
  • Caren l. Mathis, Sr. Principal Strategic Planner/Senior Project Manager, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
  • Bill Popp, President and CEO, Alaska Economic Development Council
  • Julie Anderson, Commissioner, Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development
  • Bill Taylor, President and Founder, Colony Builders, Inc
  • Evelyn Rousso, Associate Principal, MCG Explore Design
  • Alan Erickson, Chief Technology Officer, Covid Secure App
  • David Hoffman, Owner, Craig Taylor Equipment
  • Jim Szczesniak, Airport Director, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
  • Lori Brewer, President, Café D’arte Alaska
  • Hugh Ashlock, President, Dimond Center Holdings LLC.

ACDA executive director Mike Robbins will serve as the chair for this committee.

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“I have the utmost confidence in this group led by Mike Robbins to aggressively pursue economic revitalization, expansion and diversification for Anchorage,” says Mayor Bronson. “They have the skills to speed up our economy and a talent for being able to work with diverse stake holder groups.

“The Committee is comprised of leaders from various sectors of the economy who will bring fresh ideas to the table and have the ability to work with existing Anchorage based economic task forces,” says Mike Robbins, Executive Director of ACDA.  “The committee’s first task will be to identify and recommend for implementation immediate action items from Mayor Bronson’s Economic Transition report.”

The Anchorage Economic Revitalization and Diversification Committee will have their first meeting on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

The first report to the Mayor’s office from the Committee is expected to be complete by January 2022.

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