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Anchorage DMV Moving to Optimize Customer Experience

May 18, 2020 | Government, News, Transportation

The Anchorage Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office is relocating to the University Center in midtown Anchorage later this summer. After nearly two decades of occupying the current location off Benson Boulevard, the DMV’s customer needs and operational consolidation efforts have outgrown the current facility. When DMV’s Benson lease expired in May of 2019, DMV began looking for other options that would improve the customer experience and was less expensive than the proposed lease renewal rate. The University Center met both needs.

The University Center is more centrally located in midtown Anchorage with ample parking and an expansive indoor waiting environment. “The new location will have twenty-five stations, which increases our customer serving capacity by over 50 percent, further streamlining the customer experience. Our goal is for customers to be in and out in less than 30 minutes for most transactions.” says Deputy Director Jenna Wamsganz.

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The new space is being converted to allow for a streamlined check-in process and a waiting experience that includes virtual waiting. Wamsganz explains, “When a DMV representative is ready to serve a customer, they’ll send a text message that tells the customer which station to go to, eliminating the need for customers to congregate in a single waiting area.” There will also be the option to wait for a ticket to be called in the lobby for customers that prefer a traditional queuing system.

She reminds Alaskans that DMV has an extensive list of online services that negate the need for customers to visit a DMV in person; however, if you prefer face-to-face transactions, make an appointment to reduce your wait time down to ten minutes or less, guaranteed.

In addition to public-facing customer service, the Anchorage headquarters also houses operational departments including a call center, driver services team, partner services team, warehousing, and a fiscal department.

The DMV plans to open its new Anchorage location to the public on Monday, August 3, 2020.

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