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Northrim Bank Opens Nome Branch

Dec 14, 2022 | Finance, News

Northrim bank door

The entrance to Northrim Bank’s temporary Nome location in the Bering Straits Building.

Northrim Bank

The typhoon that battered the Western Alaska coast in September hastened the opening of a Northrim Bank branch in Nome.

Financial Advance

The Nome branch gives Northrim Bank eighteen branches throughout Alaska. The bank received special permission to open a temporary location on Front Street to meet the needs of the Nome community in the aftermath of the storms that devastated the region earlier this year.

“We are pleased to be able to open a branch in Nome and are proud to be able to serve Northwest Alaska,” says Northrim Bank President Mike Huston. “We have planned to open a financial center in Nome and are happy to open this branch early to help people access banking services, especially after the damage from typhoon Merbok.”

Current Issue

Alaska Business March 2023 Cover

March 2023

Customers have full access to banking services at the temporary location in the Bering Straits Building. A new larger Financial Center will follow in 2023 on Fifth Avenue, staffed locally and led by Drew McCann as the lending branch manager.

“We are looking forward to growing in the area and getting to know the community,” Huston says.

Northrim will host a community celebration in 2023 to commemorate the new branch.

Alaska Business March 2023 cover
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