Northrim Bank Invests in University Business Education

Jun 22, 2022 | Education, Finance, News

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Northrim Bank gifted $259,500 to fund UA System initiatives that advance research about the state’s economy and fiscal policy, expand business education, and build entrepreneurship capacity.

Strategic Generosity 

“We are so grateful,” says UA System President Pat Pitney. “Northrim Bank’s thirty years of partnership with the University of Alaska system represents a cumulative $4.8 million investment in business education that touches each of our universities. Private philanthropy is essential for the UA System to meet its mission, and Northrim’s strategic generosity has yielded educational excellence, scholarships, and opportunities for students to study while staying close to home.”

Programs and campuses receiving support are:

  • UAS Department of Business and Public Administration—Support for student enrollment, accreditation, and the HR Leaders of Tomorrow student conference ($52,500)

  • UAF College of Business and Security Management—General support for high-quality business education ($50,000)
  • UAA Small Business Development Center—Support for advising and education for entrepreneurs to start or grow their small business ($50,000)
  • UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research—To continue modeling Alaska’s economy and studying state fiscal policy ($50,000)
  • UAA Business Enterprise Institute, Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center—A statewide initiative to advance small and medium-sized manufacturers in Alaska ($20,000)
  • UAA College of Business and Public Policy Excellence in Leadership—Developing future Anchorage and Alaska leaders through the Tom Case Leadership Fellows program ($12,000)
  • UAA College of Business and Public Policy—Support to inspire entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development through the Alaska Business Plan Competition ($5,000)
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Northrim’s donation also includes funding to five community campuses where Northrim employees live and work.

  • Sitka Campus, UAS ($5,000)
  • Ketchikan Campus, UAS ($5,000)
  • Kodiak College, UAA ($5,000)
  • Mat-Su College, UAA ($5,000)
  • Kenai Peninsula College, UAA ($5,000)

“We understand the important connection between the research, technical support, and education provided by the University of Alaska system and the economic future of our state,” says Joe Schierhorn, Northrim chairman and CEO. “Higher education is the backbone of a strong community, and Northrim is proud to support the work of the University of Alaska.”

“Northrim Bank’s pride in Alaska is clearly visible in all of the ways it engages with the university,” says Tod Burnett, president of the University of Alaska Foundation. “Beyond the generous financial investments, we have been fortunate to have the bank’s leaders and employees serve on advisory and alumni boards, and on the foundation board.”

The University of Alaska Foundation is an independent nonprofit that acts as the charitable arm of the state-run university system.

Alaska Business June 2023 cover
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