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Side Dumps: A Better Way to Haul

Feb 3, 2022 | Construction, Manufacturing



Dumping to the side offers a better way to haul nearly anything. Versatile and rugged SmithCo Side Dump Trailers are designed with superior stability and safety for easier unloading and faster cycle times in a smaller footprint. Handling materials from fine sand and large boulders to sludge, debris and more, these side dumps offer innovative solutions to everyday challenges. SmithCo Side Dump Trailers are second to none.

About 30 years ago, an operator named Greg Smith was frustrated that his loads were getting hung up in his end dump trailer and even worse on occasion, causing tip overs. He set out to find a better and safer way to haul aggregate materials.  He discovered a side dump trailer made in Oregon and was intrigued by the possibilities.  Mr. Smith bought one, modified it for his purposes and proved that the side dump trailer concept was more than viable. 

Dumping to the side offers many advantages over traditional dumping. Both the load placement into the tub and placement of the load during dumping is easier, safer, and more precise. Today more and more haulers in construction and mining are choosing the stability, safety, and versatility of SmithCo Side Dump Trailers.

Better Sightlines for Safety

Visibility is much better with a side dump. The dump occurs next to the cab instead of behind or below, so the operator can make sure the trailer is in the exact location to put the load where it should be. With an end dump, the operator cannot see over the tub to determine if someone or something is behind the trailer or if the trailer is positioned the right distance away.

No More Backing Up Means More Precise Placement

Because the operator does not need to back up, stockpiling is now faster and more precise. Precise windrowing is also possible when dumping to the side as operators can meter the flow rate. In comparison, when an end dump tub is initially raised, a little portion of the load will slide out but then gravity plays havoc. The entire load lands at once. With a side dump, the material can be more evenly controlled during unloading.

No Touch Unloading is Faster

SmithCo specifically designs its trailers to allow operators to stay in the cab. Drivers do not have to get out. They do not have to touch material or do anything outside of the cab while operating the trailer. Not only does this provide additional safety, but it also means that materials can be unloaded faster with the side dump – because you do not have get out of the cab or back up.

Versatile SX3 for General Construction

The SX3 Three axle side dump trailer is our most versatile trailer because there is nothing it will not haul. It is extremely popular for general construction work in states like Alaska that allow extended gross weights for truck/trailer combinations with more than five axles. The three axle trailers offer many axle spacings as options. 

Details Make a Big Difference

The first tubs SmithCo designed had a flat floor and angled sides, which was a useful design in our early years. Always striving to be better, the S series (S for SmithCo) was developed with a round bottom tub which was used for over 11 years. The round bottom design allowed for better clean out when dumping, which set the standard for the industry. With the success of the S series tub, the SX series followed which again reset the side-dump industry. Design enhancements included innovations such as removing the center divider and adding radius corners. 

The SX tub is a true workhorse, built to handle the most adverse payloads from riprap to tree stumps. It is constructed of AR400 steel tub and a one-piece floor along with 80/100 KSI steel frames which means its durability is unmatched in the industry. 

Custom Trailers are Standard

When it comes to hauling and dumping, no two customers’ needs are exactly the same. That is what makes the SX series so appealing. When a customer calls SmithCo, we start with a conversation instead of a sales pitch. We consider where the hauling is located, what materials will be hauled, the targeted payload, and the haul distance. Special requests and customizations are always on the table too, from tires and wheels to custom colors and lighting. With the information in hand, we start designing the trailer. This attention to detail sets us apart from other manufacturers and helps our customers get their jobs done and done better.

Innovation for the Mining Industry

SmithCo is at the forefront of hauling innovations, so it is natural the company is helping to transform mine and quarry operations. SmithCo has a long track record of producing long-haul, off-road mine units with capacities of up to 100 metric tons, and even more when the trailers are in train.

Traditional haul trucks are expensive, require a specific type of road, and are not suited for distance hauls. SmithCo’s Mine Series tipper and conventional side dump trailers offer a versatile alternative. A tractor/tailer combination is the most efficient form of transporting heavy loads and can make opening a satellite more feasible as well.

Fully Dedicated Hydraulic Suspension System 

Last year at MINExpo, SmithCo displayed the first mining side dump trailer to feature a fully dedicated hydraulic suspension system. Engineered by Simard Suspensions, this new suspension system reduces issues for mines in cold climates and further enhances the advantages SmithCo side dump trailers offer to the mining industry. Compared to conventional haul units, SmithCo side dumps offer lower ton-mile costs, a smaller footprint, less fuel use, and many other benefits.

Learn more about how side dumps can solve your hauling challenges at sidedump.com or use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer nearest you. 

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