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Doyon, Limited Expands Leadership Role for Arctic IT Boss

Sep 12, 2023 | Alaska Native, Right Moves, Telecom & Tech

Doyon, Limited

The Alaska Native corporation for the Interior region is giving broader oversight of its information technology (IT) business lines to Tom Mercer, expanding his role as President and General Manager of Arctic IT to include leadership of designDATA as well.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Tom and our IT companies,” says Julie Morman, senior vice president and COO of Doyon, Limited. “He brings years of experience and knowledge with him that will help these companies succeed.”

Mercer joined the Doyon family of companies as the president and GM for Arctic IT in 2022. Whereas Arctic IT specializes in implementing and managing Microsoft cloud solutions in Alaska from its home base in Anchorage, designDATA is a Maryland-based managed-IT firm serving the Washington, DC area that was acquired by Doyon Government Group.

Mercer holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from North Dakota State University and a master’s degree in management of technology from the University of Minnesota. He began his career like many technology experts, first as a developer, then quickly grew into a leader of product development.

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According to Doyon, Mercer’s strength is his ability to launch product across a variety of industries. He brings the depth of his experience in state and local government contracting, international business development, and digital product management. He has been awarded four patents for his work in commercializing multiple digital products.

When not at work, he enjoys travel and outdoor activities such as softball, skiing, hunting, and fishing with his family in Minnesota.

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