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Tasha Anderson


Tasha Anderson

Managing Editor

Tasha is the Managing Editor of Alaska Business, which suits her obsession with organization and her joy at seeing a well-designed spreadsheet. At home, in addition to reading, sewing, video games, and whatever one does with yarn, she is perhaps overly enthused with her variety of indoor plants that live or die dependent entirely upon their tolerance for over-watering combined with neglect. She is an Alaskan at heart and has lived here most her of her life, with a brief exception when she left to pursue her education at the University of Wyoming, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English with minors in professional writing and Latin. She took Latin classes to fulfill her language requirement and ended up loving it, earning the minor when her professor informed her that she was only three classes short of it anyway. The language is, in fact, dead. She knows this. But the English skills she picked up while learning Latin serve her daily in her efforts to make sure every comma on every page of Alaska Business is exactly where it should—or shouldn’t—be.

Alaska Business November 2022 cover
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The Realities of Net Zero
November 2022
Organizations around the world are focused on addressing climate change. Most major corporations are rearranging priorities and reallocating capital and personnel to determine the most efficient path to achieve Net Zero (where emissions of carbon dioxide or methane are eliminated or balanced by removal from the atmosphere).