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Tlingit & Haida Welcomes Staff Attorney Heidi Davis

Oct 6, 2021 | Alaska Native, Right Moves

Right Moves - Heidi Davis

The Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska announced the hire of Heidi Davis as the new Staff Attorney for the Office of the President.

In this position, Davis will provide legal counsel and representation to Tlingit & Haida in the areas of tribal government, federal-tribal relations, federal-state relations, tribal jurisdiction, environmental and natural resources law and policy, economic development, employment, contracts, code drafting, and compliance.

“In recent years, the Tribe has focused on expanding its self-governance and self-determination,” says Madeline Soboleff-Levy, general counsel for Tlingit & Haida. “By hiring Heidi as our Staff Attorney, we are fulfilling our goals of obtaining the legal support we need. We are so excited to have Heidi on our team to advance opportunities for collaboration and new partnerships for the Tribe.”

Davis graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and political science. She then went on to obtain her juris doctor degree from University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law and graduated in May 2021.

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“It’s encouraging to see our graduates return home to work for their people,” says President Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson. “It reflects how special our Tribe is. We have students who want to come home and give back to our communities. Heidi is a great example of that.”

Prior to pursuing her law degree, Davis worked for the State of Alaska as an in-court clerk for the Juneau Trial Courts. She has dedicated her academic journey and career to working with Alaska Native people.

“I’m excited and grateful to have been brought on to work for the Tribe,” Davis says. “When I went to Arkansas to pursue my higher education, my goal was always to come home and work for my people.”

Although from Kake, Davis was raised in Sitka and Juneau. She is from the Raven Coho clan and is happy to be back in Southeast Alaska, accompanied by her two children Jonah and Hannah. Outside of work, her family has been enjoying exploring tide pools and going on hikes in Juneau. She is eager to show her children how to pick berries and fish, just as she did as a kid growing up in the Southeast Alaska.

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