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John Hawkins Jr. Promoted to Tribal Transportation Manager

Feb 12, 2020 | Alaska Native, Right Moves

Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska is pleased to announce the promotion of John Hawkins Jr. to Tribal Transportation Manager.

Hawkins will manage the day-to-day operations of the Tribal Transportation department which administers the Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) for Tlingit & Haida and the Organized Village of Saxman and collaborates with other tribal entities and local, state, and federal agencies to determine needs and priorities for transportation systems.

TTP is administered through the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Federal Lands Highway, which allocates funds using a statutory formula based on tribal population, road mileage and average tribal shares. Funds are used to plan, design, construct, and maintain transportation routes the Tribe has identified as important and necessary to meet the everyday transportation and transit needs of tribal citizens; provide access to lands and resources for economic and cultural development and subsistence activities; and enhance public safety. Tlingit & Haida currently has approximately 236 miles of official TTP roads, 19 miles of roadways, and 0.2 miles of parking lot inventoried.

“John’s experience and drive made him the logical choice to carry on the work of the Tribal Transportation department for Juneau and Saxman,” says Will Ware, Chief of Project Development. “I’m happy John has accepted this new position and look forward to seeing the program’s continued growth under his leadership.”

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February 2020

February 2020

Hawkins first joined Tlingit & Haida in 2004 as a shared employee for the Native Land and Resources and Self Governance departments and later transferred to the Tribal Family & Youth Services department. For the last five years, he has worked for the Tribal Transportation department.

“I’m honored to step into this management role,” says Hawkins. “Will Ware has been a great mentor for the past five years and I look forward to continuing the work of the Tribe to promote safe transportation routes that support the transit needs and economic and cultural activities of our citizens.”

Hawkins will graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in April. His Tlingit name is Kistwoo and he is Kaagwaantaan. He and his wife Grace Hawkins have two children—Cherie and John.

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