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Millrock Stakes Additional Claims in Goodpaster Mining District

May 23, 2019 | Mining, Monitor

Figure 1: Soil & Stream Sediments in the Goodpaster District.

Millrock Resources

Millrock Resources has staked two more blocks of claims in the Goodpaster Mining District. These claims are in addition to a large block of claims staked by the company, announced late last month.

Millrock’s claim holdings in the Goodpaster Mining District, home of the Pogo Gold Mine operated by Northern Star Resources, now includes 1,176 claims covering 66,050 hectares in three discrete tracts. The new blocks are named North Pogo and Divide.

Christopher Van Treeck, Millrock’s Senior Project Geologist commented, “It is surprising that there has been so little exploration conducted over what we now call the North Pogo project. If Goodpaster Batholith related plutons can produce the gold deposit currently being mined at Pogo on the batholith’s south side, there is equal potential to form gold deposits on the north side. We see great structural preparation of the rocks at North Pogo. The Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys has mapped low-angle faults within the Millrock claim block and the Pogo Gold Mine is hosted in a similar, regional, low-angle structure.”

At the Divide block, 67 claims were staked to cover gold occurrences and pathfinder element soil and stream sediment anomalies. This data was obtained by Millrock when it purchased claims and information from Corvus Gold in 2015. The Divide claim block is adjacent to the Tibbs property being explored by Tectonic Metals, a private Vancouver-based junior company. The team at Tectonic Metals have had success at the Coffee Project in a similar belt of rocks in nearby Yukon. The claims are also close to Newmont’s Healy claim block, which is currently under option to, and being explored by, Kenorland Minerals, a private Vancouver-based junior company that has Yukon ties.

Millrock President & CEO Gregory Beischer commented: “It is good to see that the successful Yukon explorers are now recognizing there is great potential on the Alaska side of the Tintina Gold Province, and the Goodpaster Mining District in particular. We welcome the competition. With increased exploration activity gold deposit discoveries are more likely, and this will benefit all of Alaska, as well as Millrock shareholders.  

The claims were staked with funding provided to Millrock from EMX Royalty Corporation (TSX-V: EMX, NYSE – American: EMX) (“EMX”) pursuant to a strategic investment. Millrock will grant certain royalty rights to EMX on the recently staked claims which are in addition to the royalties being granted to EMX on other recently staked claims and some pre-existing Millrock claims. 

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