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BLM Seeks Nominations to Resource Advisory Councils

May 2, 2019 | Government, Monitor

Agency seeks broad spectrum of nominees to help improve public lands management nationwide

ANCHORAGE—The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public nominations for positions on thirty-one Resource Advisory Councils nationwide, including five vacancies in Alaska. These citizen-based committees assist in the development of recommendations that address public land management issues.

The BLM maintains thirty eight such advisory committees formally chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) and the Federal Policy and Land Management Act (FLPMA) across the West.  Of those committees, thirty-one are RACs and the remainder site or subject-specific Advisory Councils. Each RAC consists of ten to fifteen members from diverse interests in local communities, and they assist in the development of recommendations that address public land management issues.

“It’s a significant tool for BLM leadership that helps us gain insight from a broad range of stakeholders and users of BLM-managed public lands in Alaska,” said BLM Alaska State Director Chad Padgett.

RACs are critical in assisting the BLM in continuing to be a good neighbor in communities served by the Bureau, providing advice and recommendations on issues including land use planning, fire management, off-highway vehicle use, recreation, oil and gas exploration, mining, and noxious weed management.

Individuals may nominate themselves or others to serve on a RAC. Nominees, who must be residents of Alaska where the RAC has jurisdiction, will be reviewed based on their training, education, and knowledge of the RAC’s geographic area. Nominees should also demonstrate a commitment to consensus building and collaborative decision-making. Letters of reference must accompany all nominations from any represented interests or organizations, a completed RAC application, and any other information that speaks to the nominee’s qualifications.

BLM Alaska has positions open in the following categories:

  • Category One – Representatives of organizations associated with energy/mineral development; federal grazing permit holders; the timber industry; transportation or rights-of-way; off-highway vehicles users; and commercial and developed outdoor recreation.


  • Category Two – Representatives of archeological and historic organizations; dispersed recreation users; wild horse and burros organizations; and nationally or regionally-recognized environmental organizations. 


  • Category Three – Representatives of state, county, or local elected office; Indian tribes located within or adjacent to the area for which the RAC is organized; academicians employed in natural resource management or natural sciences; employees of a state agency responsible for management of natural resources; and the public at large.


As published in a notice in today’s Federal Register, the BLM will consider nominations for 45 days (until June 14, 2009).  For more information, please contact Jim Hart at (907) 271-3130 or jehart@blm.gov.

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