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Veilbreaker Skybridges Opening at Alyeska Resort

Apr 4, 2023 | News, Tourism

Alyeska Resort

Alyeska Resort is giving guests a new view of Girdwood. In July, the resort is opening Veilbreaker Skybridges, a pair of footbridges suspended above Christmas and New Year’s Chutes.

Up in the Air

The skybridge adventure begins with a tram ride to Alyeska’s Mountain Station, where guests are met by mountain guides for a lesson about mountain safety and all the gear, such as helmets and harnesses, necessary for a 30 minute hike.

The bridges themselves span 600 feet and offer a view 2,500 feet down to the valley floor. The vantage point provides a unique perspective of Turnagain Arm, the Chugach temperate rainforest, and seven “hanging” glaciers. 

“Alyeska Resort is thrilled to be debuting the Veilbreaker Skybridges as another adventurous offering for guests in the summer season,” says Ryan Pomeroy, CEO of Pomeroy Lodging, the resort’s owner.

Afraid of heights? Alyeska Resort thought of that, training its guides to work with guests to conquer stressful moments with tools and tips such as breathing techniques. 

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At the end of the two bridges, guests can share their experiences and enjoy a meal or drink at Bore Tide Deli & Bar before taking the tram back to the resort.

The Veilbreaker Skybridges experience costs $150 per person and includes a tram pass, ropes training, safety gear, and is reserved for groups of up to six people. Guests must be at least 4-feet 9-inches tall, and minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Pomeroy notes that Veilbreaker Bridges is the latest new amenity at Alyeska Resort, after last year saw the addition of Alyeska Nordic Spa.

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