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MTA Announces Promotions Across Organization

Feb 15, 2019 | Right Moves, Telecom & Tech

PALMER, AK—MTA continues its growth as a technology leader with the announcement of four promotions across the organization. As a key player in the economy of Southcentral Alaska, MTA provides residential and business technology solutions to empower member-owners and patrons to live a connected life.

MTA has announced the following promotions:

Jared Lindman was promoted to Director of Product Management at MTA. Since joining MTA , Jared has organized and improved MTA’s Business Solutions product suite. His aptitude in financial analysis and data-driven thinking allowed him to quickly earn a reputation for being a problem solver. In 2018, Jared launched Business Amplifier and redesigned MTA’s Business Internet plans, repositioning MTA in the business community from internet provider to technology partner. Jared is a natural fit to drive MTA’s product strategy to create value for members, a competitive advantage in the marketplace and drive long-term profitability.

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Jacki Webb was promoted Director of Marketing and External Communications at MTA. In this role, Jacki will ensure brand consistency across all channels driving brand awareness and loyalty. Jacki’s background and experience in market research has been a key strength as MTA builds out its market narrative. Her work on persona research efforts in 2018 enabled MTA to better connect with its members and resulted in exceeding our Internet growth goals. Jacki leads a high energy team that continuously seeks to build the MTA brand through creative messaging, strategic partnerships and community events.

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Matt Langhoff was promoted to Vice President of Administrative Services at MTA. He has been with MTA for more than 15 years and had dedicated himself to the Human Resources (HR) arena. In the past two years, his leadership and guidance has transformed MTA’s HR department from traditional HR to Administrative Services. The new department encompasses HR, but also risk management, fleet and facilities, warehouse operations and the project management office. In this new role, Matt will be charged with focusing his team on seamless coordination between management and staff to manage complex issues across the diverse workforce of MTA.

Diana Escobar was promoted to Project Management Office (PMO) Manager at MTA. During her 15-year tenure with the organization, Diana has worked in various departments and has been a central player in keeping MTA’s corporate infrastructure operating smoothly. Diana has served in the PMO department for the last eight years and has played a vital role in the strategic implementation of some of MTA’s most critical projects.

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