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GCI Offers Free Internet Upgrades

Mar 23, 2020 | COVID-19, News, Telecom & Tech

New offer aims to keep Alaskans connected and help schools provide virtual lessons

In response to COVID-19, many Alaskans are working from home, adopting new social-distancing behaviors, and managing students who are home from school due to closures. To support this new way of living and doing business, GCI announced special packages to support Alaskans’ expanding need for connectivity at home.

“GCI is committed to keeping Alaskans connected and making things a little easier for everyone as our community grapples with big changes in our personal and professional lives,” said GCI Chief Customer Experience Officer Maureen Moore. “We’re dedicated to serving the communities where we live and work, and we hope these new offerings help ease the strain our neighbors are feeling during this stressful time.”

Until May 31, 2020, GCI is offering the following options to Alaskans:

For households with that currently have GCI internet service statewide

Alaskan households that currently have GCI Internet plans can receive a free upgrade to the next level plan for no additional cost through May 31, 2020. Customers can call GCI or visit its website to upgrade. The purpose of this upgrade is to support customers who may be working from home, have household members in school, and provide greater connection for those who are social distancing in the coming days and weeks. 

For households without GCI internet service

Because it is critical for Alaskans to have access to information in the coming weeks and months, GCI has a special offer for households that don’t already have GCI internet service. GCI is offering entry-level cable modem internet plans for free, where available, until May 31, 2020.

For K-12 students and educators

GCI is working directly with the Department of Education and Early Development and the Alaska Council of School Administrators to help get Internet connectivity to K-12 students and educators who may not currently have access. GCI is offering the entry-level plan with wi-fi equipment to students and teachers for free until May 31, 2020 and are waiving credit checks and deposits for service and equipment.

Cellular Wireless Service for Low-Income Families

GCI also offers Lifeline services for eligible customers who meet the federal qualifications. Lifeline is a federal program that provides wireless service for handheld devices for $1 per month. More information can be found at https://www.gci.com/mobile/lifeline.


“We applaud the efforts and the leadership of Commissioner Michael Johnson and the Department of Education and Early Development team in ensuring that we all work together, along with all School District Superintendents, and Dr. Lisa Parady, Alaska Council of School Administrators, to create a comprehensive statewide online education program in record speed,” said Vice President of GCI Corporate Strategy for Government, Healthcare, and Education Dr. Pam Lloyd. “It’s a massive effort, and GCI is happy to provide free connectivity for K-12 students and their teachers, to ensure students can continue their education from home. We hope our support is one small piece that helps ensure that the home-based learning is successful for students, teachers, families, and school districts across Alaska.”

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