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GCI customers in Anchorage Are First in Alaska to Experience True 5G Wireless Service

Jun 11, 2020 | Telecom & Tech

GCI customers in Anchorage can now experience Alaska’s first true 5G service! The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are now equipped to receive a software update to enable 5G capabilities. GCI customers who successfully installed the update will now see a 5G icon on the Galaxy S20 5G series of devices when in a GCI 5G service area. GCI customers will be able to access 5G service as more 5G-enabled devices become available to consumers nationwide.

“We’re delighted to have collaborated with Samsung to bring the first of many 5G NR devices to GCI customers,” said Josh Lonn, vice president of GCI Wireless Products. “With our cutting-edge network, our customers who are using the S20 in Anchorage will have the first true 5G wireless in Alaska!”

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Hometown 5G will combine GCI’s unique radio spectrum and metro fiber assets to create a vastly more capable network, five times faster than before. Every sector of every cell site will be outfitted with five radios to utilize GCI’s low-band and mid-band radio spectrum, driving massive improvements in speed and coverage, particularly in-building coverage. GCI’s metro fiber network will deliver the broadband connectivity needed to support these upgraded cell sites.

GCI launched Alaska’s first 5G service in Anchorage on April 17.

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