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Royal Caribbean Group Announces Cruise Support for Shop Local Alaska Program

Apr 27, 2021 | News, Retail, Small Business, Tourism

Royal Caribbean Group has pledged its support for the Shop Local Alaska Program, an initiative by the BuyAlaska Program and Voyij.com, an online marketplace exclusively for Alaska businesses.

As small businesses in Alaska face another season crippled by the loss of 1.3 million visitors to the state by cruise lines, Royal Caribbean Group has agreed to raise awareness of Alaskan-owned businesses in port towns that are struggling to survive. In addition to Alaska’s spectacular scenery and wildlife, small businesses that give port towns their unique character and charm have been a major draw for visitors. 

“Alaska is the premier destination place in the world,” says Governor Mike Dunleavy. “I am committed to deploying all resources that result in increased partnerships like the “Shop Local Alaska” initiative that spurs Alaska’s economy and directly benefits small businesses across our state.”

The Shop Local Alaska Program will be marketed to guests of the company’s cruise lines—Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises—around the globe. They will be able to browse virtual Alaskan stores and buy with confidence on Voyij.com during this period when ships are not able to take them there.

The site offers a wide variety of Alaskan products, from locally caught fish to beautiful Alaskan jewelry to Native Art to clothing of the North. Any Alaskan-owned business can list their products on the Voyij marketplace. 

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Thriving small businesses in Alaska means good business for Alaska travel suppliers. Royal Caribbean Group is the first major travel supplier to hop on board with the Shop Local Alaska program in support of keeping Alaska’s small businesses open for when cruise visitors return to Alaska. 

“Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises guests love Alaska for its awe-inspiring natural beauty. Yet, it is the people and experiences of the Last Frontier that create lasting memories,” says Wendy Lindskoog, associate vice president, Government Relations for Royal Caribbean Group. “Travel brings people together. We are thrilled to support the Shop Local Alaska campaign. It is a small way for our cruise lines and guests to stay connected to Alaska until our ships return to sail to the 49th state.”

Alaska businesses continue to be severely impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Shop Local Alaska program will be marketed directly to consumers out of the state; however, the website exists as a resource for anyone who is looking to shop and support Alaska businesses. Explore Alaska businesses at shoplocal.voyij.com

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