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Alaska Rubber Group Rebrands as ARG Industrial

Feb 9, 2023 | News, Retail

Alaska Rubber Group

Testing the strength of rigging gear at Alaska Rubber Group’s Anchorage shop.

Carter Damaska | Alaska Business

Stretching beyond its home territory, Alaska Rubber Group is rebranding with a less geographically specific name. ARG Industrial is the new moniker for the company, which previously consolidated with Alaska Rubber & Rigging Inc. and Arctic Wire Rope & Supply.

One Name to Bind Them

The rebranding signifies a reorganization of the employee-owned company’s structure, bringing together various subsidiary units under one name, and effectively sunsets all historical subsidiary trade names.

The supplier of belts, hoses, and chains has been expanding to the Lower 48, most recently acquiring Pacific Hose & Fittings in Portland, Oregon, and Industrial Supply Inc. of Bellingham, Washington. ARG Industrial’s former subsidiary trade names also include Central Hose & Fittings, Inland Pacific Hose & Fittings, North Sound Hose & Fittings, Pacific Rubber Inc., Timco Inc., and The Hose Pro.

Current Issue

Alaska Business September 2023 Cover

September 2023

“Moving forward under one ARG Industrial banner will allow us to serve the market in a more effective way, offering a more consistent customer experience, a broader range of products and services, and a unified go-to-market strategy providing more value for customers wherever we do business,” says President and CEO Mike Mortensen.

ARG Industrial, headquartered in Anchorage, operates twelve locations across Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, serving the oil and gas, mining, construction, marine, and fishing industries.

The company began in 1980 as Alaska Rubber & Rigging Supply, Inc. and became Alaska Rubber Group in 2006 when it transitioned to employee ownership. It first doubled in size in 2009 by adding a Wasilla branch and acquiring Alaska Rubber and Rigging in Fairbanks.

Alaska Business September 2023 cover
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